Wolves Reserves: The Telford Tragedy

Wolves Reserves lost to Telford with 4-0 tonight in a specially arranged friendly.

Read all about it at the Official Wolves site HERE.


~ by paddytheflea on March 2, 2010.

3 Responses to “Wolves Reserves: The Telford Tragedy”

  1. Hey Paddy just watched the Express and Star video chat thing they do. It suggests there may be background on why Hoff is being left out, do you know anything?

  2. Hey, Mike.
    Well. I remember thinking at the time when he was going for an operation in Germany, that he was fucking up and in deep shit going out in the press himself about this.

    In a time when everything the players say are controlled by the club this was not a good move by the Hoff. But I’m sure that the club would forgive him if he reacted in the right way and said that he regretted it and was sorry – but maybe he didn’t?!

    Maybe he instead told them that he thinks it’s a stupid rule and demanded his fundamental right of speech? If so he would be in deep shit. But it’s of course only speculations from my behalf. My belief is that he’s simply not good enough and it was bad scouting to sign him.

  3. I remember Freddy Eastwood was dropped for not complimenting Mad Mick on his shoes – or something equally trivial… Mick is well known for putting his pride above team selection.

    That said, the Hoff didnt look that impressive on his few appearances… so no skin off our noses

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