Close but no cigar: The story of Wolverhampton Wanderers?!

Is this the way it’s going to be? Close, but no cigar? Why can’t we win these matches? I’m truly fed up with this and I believe that I’m not alone.

Tonight we could witness  a Wolves outfit that played their hearts out for 90 minutes against one of the best teams in the world. Everybody could see that we measured up to the world stars of Manchester United in every way, but no cigar – no final whistle with arms in the air – no points to add in the oh so needed tables.

Why? What strange powers hinders us from being successful and victorious and picks the opponents to play that role instead of black and old gold? Is it a curse?

When we -after a terrific first half against the Premier League Champions didn’t manage to score a goal – I said to my mates that we had lost our chances and now we would face a different United that would play us off the pitch and show us a thong or two about how the game should be played.

But that didn’t really happen. They were better in the second half, alright, but not good enough to get a goal and not got enough to set enoughpressure on us to dominate the game. Actually – when they changed their formation from one to two strikers we looked stronger than them and controlled more of the game from midfield. But no cigar.

The game started well. Wolves had a chance already after five minutes when Doyle and Jarvis combined and Doyle had a shot at goal. But no cigar. We defended well, except from a Valencia attack a few minutes later when Ward did a mistake, we were good. I would say we dominated and were the better team the first half an hour. David Jones came free and could have scored, but no cigar. It is true that United had a couple of chances on the break, but we dominated – we did!

Just after half an hour Doyle, Jarvis and Jones combined again and were very close to score and in the 36th minute Ward was totally free three yards out, but headed right onto Wan Der. No cigar!

I would say that the first half was even. With Wolves having a couple of more chances than United. A draw or a Wolves win was in the cards. Plausible. Probable. But no cigar.

Manchester United started the second half well. I knew they would. Valencia looked dangerous on the right, but so did Jarvis. Doyle and Jarvis combined well, but Henry had a lame shot on goal when a chance presented itself. No cigar.

United started to get a grip on the game. I could feel that we started to lose possession, Berbatov went close and Sir Alex decided to change to 4-4-2. But that really pushed the game in Wolves favour. Instead of  giving more chances to United Wolves managed to get into the game again and Jarvis looked dangerous challenging on the left. But no cigar.

Then – really out of the blue and somewhat out of play  it happened – a combination and a slip – and that was enough for United. Wolves had many chances better than that and we did not score, but Scholes did no mistake and scored his 100th goal. Cigar for him.

Ebanks-Blake, Keogh and Vokes came in trying to get a point and Vokes had the chance of a lifetime to even up the scores. But no cigar.

Why don’t we smoke those cigars then? Where is the light? Just bad luck or something else?

A famous blues song goes “If it wasn’t for bad luck, we wouldn’t have no luck at all”, but In my humble opinion it’s more than bad luck that have caused Wolves to miss so many chances and so many points this season. It’s bad timing and skill.

We simply lack the players who masters the crucial skill of going in for the kill. We need killers but we’ve only got mamers and those who can make small damage, but lack the ability to kill off and being clinical in front of goal. We need a Jerry Lee! And I believe that is what you get when you are looking for players that are hard working and can ‘put in a shift’. It’s either or. That is the simple truth.

Well. I’m blabbing about. That happens after a few and when you’re disappointed. But I’m not as disappointed as after the Bolton game. Then we didn’t play well. Now we played very well but without the end product. And against a class team. But we got a neighbour down the road who did the same thing in the same league just a year ago. Take heed!

We run a risk to go in that trap. To play well – to be the funny ape without a real threat and an end product. We need to be more dangerous. To be a threat. The game against Burnley will be massive. Two losing teams playing good but not good enough. A true decisive moment. Is this the season of the Wolf? Will I smoke a cigar in May?


(A link to a video with highlights from the match is available as usual in the right margin if you scroll down)


~ by paddytheflea on March 7, 2010.

4 Responses to “Close but no cigar: The story of Wolverhampton Wanderers?!”

  1. Hopefully all of us will smoke together in Mays.
    I thought the game was amazing, shows how well Wolves can play.
    It also shows the lack of skill though, of the likes of Ward and Vokes, who had very good chances, and if it was someone else, like Jones or Jarvis, those chances could’ve been goals.
    This was our game, but we lost it.

  2. […] – 7 – Close but no cigar! (see more about cigars HERE). Created three attempts for others and had two attempts on goal himself. He answered my prayers […]

  3. We played well. Mccarthy cold have done some changes earlier though – one point here and there doesn’t take us anywhere.

  4. Guedioura’s and Henry’s workrate is second to none. I really think these two players can handle their area of the park decently on their own. Of course it would weaken our defensive game, but maybe not as much a MM likes to belive. One extra striker would result in more chances and more goals, no doubt about that.

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