McCarthy: There’s only one man more disappointed than me

Mick McCarthy said in a post match interview to the Official Wolves site:

There’s only one man more disappointed than me and the players and everyone else and that’s Sam Vokes. But he might be the one that scores the goal that keeps us up.

We have scored 21 goals. It is not enough. It has been the tale of our season. But my luck will change and Sam’s luck will change. He’ll get back and keep practising and will score the next one.

We will remain positive. The only way it will change is by playing as well as we are and we will get a break and Sam might be the one to get the goal that keeps us all happy.

Actually I’m a bit more worried about the striker capabilities of Sam Vokes than Mick McCarthy.

When Vokes was out on-loan to Leeds missed chances was his trademark. The hardened fans of Leeds wrote on this blog after every article about Vokes performances at Leeds and told me about the chances that he missed in the last match. Here are some of the comments:

Sam Vokes has been a huge disappointment, Mr Flea. Certainly not a natural goalscorer. He’s slow, lumbering and underconfident. He’s had enough chances to get at least 10 goals during his time here but simply doesn’t appear to posess the quickness of thought to bury chances unless they’re from 2 yards into an open net (like his solitary goal vs Bristol).

In all honesty, our very own target man, Luciano Becchio, is better in almost every way and showed us what were were missing when he ousted Vokes from the side upon returning from the injury that forced us into bringing in Vokes. Vokes has scored one goal and created exactly zero goals for his teammates. Not what we were expecting from a international premiership striker at all and he won’t be coming back to you particularly fitter (his last appearence was as sub two weeks ago) or more confident than when he left. Good luck to Wolves for the rest of the season btw.

“Grayson is very loyal to his players and never criticises individual players in public. Vokes is trying very hard and no matter what Larry says he has been lacking in quality in front of goal. He needs to start hitting the target soon and missed two easy one on ones on Tuesday and a chance a couple of yards out in front of goal. He may get another couple of games at thye most before he reverts to the bench.

I’m not trying to miscredit Sam Vokes at all, but his spell at Leeds was characterized by a long row of missed chances. So it may not only be a coincidence or a fluke that made him miss at injury time last night. His aim, timing and confidence may need to be fixed.

But I truly believe that Sam will come good eventually and add som goals. The question is when. But coming to two chances in about four minutes of play is not a bad start to his come back at Wolves.



~ by paddytheflea on March 7, 2010.

11 Responses to “McCarthy: There’s only one man more disappointed than me”

  1. Think you are too critical on Vokes. Left on sidelines for this season and expected to perform in the 3 minutes or so he was given last night. As with Telford the other night we have players that either have lost confidence or don’t want to play for MM. Its the ‘Eastwood factor’ all over again. Same with Stearman. England U21 regular last season and now cant even make the bench ! I wouldnt mind if there was quality in front of him.

    • Yes, if it only was this only time, but I see a pattern in Vokes play this season, that’s my whole point.

      I don’t think we have to worry about Stearman. And he was not a U21 regular. He barely made it to the U21. It is not unheard of that U21 regulars don’t make it to their clubs first team, though. Look at Mancienne. He doesn’t make it to the Wolves first team, and not at all to the Chelsea first team of course. There are very few 21-23-year-olds that are ready for playing top football. A handful in the world. Some are developing later.

  2. There is no excuse for missing an open goal from a few feet out, a goal that would have got us a welcome point.
    I would get rid of him now rather than let him in the team so he can miss even more chances, sorry but he is just not good enough.

    • He is to young to be judged yet. He has much of growing up and developing skills left. He could be gold for us next season.

    • I agree on that. Voke came in too late and so did the others.

  3. So Johnwolf where exactly do you see goals coming from. Keogh ? Ebanks ? Vokes hasnt been given a chance.

  4. I don’t like to write-off players, but I think we should face up to the facts that right now Vokes is not up to this level. I also read enough Leeds fans comments earlier in the season on different sites about Vokes to suggest that others have clearly identified hsi failings. If we stay up I don’t think we can carry Sam next season. It is not really an excuse that players cannot perform when they are introduced late in the game – there are plenty of other subs who do in other teams. I also disagree with you Roy about the ‘Eastwood factor’ and the implication that people don’t want to play for MM. After all, Esatwood is hardly setting the world on fire now, is he?

  5. we can flit the spotlight around looking for culprits, whilst the huge gold elephant sits in the corner counting its cash.

    Jex Moxey and Steve Morgan did not make funds available for Mick to bring in sufficient talent. SIMPLE AS.

    Those two *rseholes should publicly apologise for screwing our clubs chances of survival up.

    Vokes was never gonna set the prem alight. Sebs been a disappointment, but honestly guys, the blame lies at the feet of the WWFC Board. No one can be expected to keep a team in the premiership with £6.5 mil

    • I don’t know where you get your information form but I would suggest that you change your source. Moxey and Morgan has made all funds possible available for McCarthy to use to sign players. But it is not the easiest thing to attract players to Wolves when there are more tempting alternatives in more successful clubs for the players. But resources is not the question.

      Where do you get the £6.5 million figure from? The cost of Doyle? Try again Ad Mant. But sort out the facts first. Lack of funds is not reason for players not signing for Wolves.

  6. Sorry Jez.

  7. Agree with your feelings about Vokes. He seems to get into the right positions but can’t stick the ball in the net – which is a problem if you’re a striker! So much of our hopes this season relied on SEB but he hasn’t performed as anticipated – maybe missing Kightly? Any news on Kightly coming back? And what about the Hoff – surely he could be useful for flicking on corners and long throws?

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