Player Ratings: Wolves vs Manchester United

It’s a shame that our players – well at least most of them – does not have the prospect of celebrating tonight – as they as individuals surely are worth it due to their outstanding efforts against Manchester United.

You could argue that they didn’t have the end product in this game – which will show in their ratings – but they did their very best against a very good team and the end result does not reflect the game played.

Here are the ratings for the Wolves team against Manchester United. As usual I don’t rate players playing less than 30 minutes (but Vokes had two chanes to score in three minutes and deserves a special mentioning. Perhaps we could see him earlier on next time?! He looks hot!).

Hahnemann – 6 – Didn’t have much to do, really. But did well.

Zubar – 8 – Kept Nani in his pocket most of the time. Nice to see the aggressive winger silenced by the Wolves player who becomes better and better for every game. What an asset for the future!

Cradock – 6 – Had a hard time tonight. I’m glad he didn’t face Rooney. Apart from slipping when Scholes scored he had a hard time with Berbatov a couple of times. But I give him permission to make a bad game – the first for a loong time.

Berra – 7 – Better! Inspired by the international or the opposition? Very active and accurate and hard working. Took care of Valencia when he became too hard to handle for Ward. Like it!

Ward – 6 – Rose to the challenge, but should have scored when he had the chance from three yards with his head. All it took was to head it down instead of upwards. But handled Valencia as good as could be expected. Best match in a long time, really.

Guédioura – 8 – Very active and forward bound. Always looking for a forward pass and moves in the right direction. There are other inner midfielders in Wolves who should take his example! Still a little unpolished, but he is still new to the league and the country. A gem that will only become better. 

Henry – 6 – Saw another comment calling him economical – meaning he does no more than keep Wolves afloat – and I have to agree. There is a button on my old cassette-recorder that says FF. That means fast forward. I would like Henry to press that once in a while. It could give the team advantages to attack the opposition by surprise.

Foley – 7 – Much more useful that people imagine, but he has not a goal in his body I’m afraid. Together with Zubar and Guédi he marginalised Nani – the main reason for his extra point. We are hard to beat with an extra defender/midfielder, but in that position we should have a skilled forward going player.

Jones – 8 – Close but no cigar! (see more about cigars HERE). Created three attempts for others and had two attempts on goal himself. He answered my prayers – and the fans that wants to replace him with Milijas –  and did an excellent match going forward. More of a second striker today, really. Combined well with Doyle and Jarvis. Their cooperation is getting better and better and is bound to result in goals sooner rather than later. David Jones is of course Paddytheflea’s Man Of The Match!

Jarvis – 7 – Brown made this match hard for Jarvis. Smart draw by Sir Alex to play him instead of Neville from start. It will hurt afterwards, I’m sure. But he managed to escape a couple of times and created four chances and had one at goal himself. Looked at his stats and compared it with that of Valencia before the game. Not yet in his class, but in the class of Valencia last year (!).

Doyle – 7 – Had a few chances but as against Bolton he drifts to the sides instead of trying to go in between the central defenders. Why? New tactics? I’m not sure I like it. He gets good crosses in from the side, but there’s absolutely no-one there who’se got the skills to put it in the net.

(A link to a video with highlights from the match is available as usual in the right margin if you scroll down)


~ by paddytheflea on March 7, 2010.

7 Responses to “Player Ratings: Wolves vs Manchester United”

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  2. High marks for a team that lost the game. True that Wolves where good value for thier money BUT why you do not maintane the same level week in week out coz they were Manchester United ?By the way,I agree fully with you about Zubar !

    • Some weeks the whole team ‘klicks’ and play excellent football. They did that against United yesterday. they did not against Bolton. They were the better team against United, but not against Bolton. It doesn’t make sense, but that is actually as I saw it.

      It can depend on how McCarthy is setting up the team as well. Small shifts in formation and instructions. It looked like he let our full backs go to high up the pitch against Bolton, but against United they were on place doing their jobs.

  3. JONES! one of our worst players mate in that match, too slow. Henry best on pitch by mile, passing really good.

    • Henry is always a good passer, Louie, but he passes the ball in the wrong direction to often. Of his 30 passes only 10 went to players playing in front of him. He stops the team from attacking.

      I smell an own agenda when you are writing negatively about Jones. With three attacks created and two own attacks at goal, with one very close of resulting in a goal Jones was our best player. And Jones made 44 accurate passes – Henry only 30. That shows very clearly how much Jones is active in play.

      Milijas will not be closer to starting a game if you critisize Jones, Louie. And Wolves would not have dominated in midfield against Manchester United with Milijas on the pitch.

  4. So Paddy if like you say Henry slows attacks and offers too little going forward and as I believe is not strong enough character to be captain so cannot change players midset and aggressively try and win games.. What are the options.. I see foley or Ward could play there albeit the latter is likely to go a wondering! Also then who would be cap?

    • That is very easy, Mike. There are no options. We have to do with Henry and his faults like we have to do with many other players that are not perfect. But players can change and in some games Henry is much better in passing the ball forward. Ward in the middle, you made me laugh! I tell you what. I believe that McCarthy delibrately have not tried to find a back-up to Henry. As a captain he shall feel secure about his spot in the starting eleven at all times. That breeds confidence in him which rubs off ito the team. But that means that we are stuck with him for the season. For good and worse. 😆

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