Academy Watch: It was our final ball that let us down

Wolves Academy under 18’s suffered a disappointing loss Saturday against a younger and less experienced Stoke side.

The match was played away and the Wolves team was – according to reports from both sides – the best playing on the pitch. But that doesn’t count for much as they missed a penalty and had a goal harshley ruled out by the referee. And when a young substitute named Vickers was allowed to fire home a goal for Stoke in the 93rd minute the short busride home must have been a painful experience.

Coach Mick Halsall (to the Wolves Official Site):

Having played well and dominated the game, to come away losing after a goal in the last minute is a big disappointment. The players had showed a positive attitude to get forward and ask questions against a solid defensive unit but it times it was our final ball that let us down. We just have to move on from the game now and look forward to the next one against Barnsley.”

STOKE CITY: Parton, Hedley, McDonald, Cohen, Foster, Gomez (Vickers), Clarke, Mitchell, Jackson, Harrison (Stockhall), Alexander (Connor).

(Unfortunately the Wolves Official Site has chosen not to publish the lineup for the team)


Vickers - Goalscorer for Stoke in the 93rd minute


~ by paddytheflea on March 9, 2010.

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