Mick’s Doing The Math

In talking to the Express & Star manager Mick McCarthy is trying to estimate how many points wolves need to stay up and sets up a goal for the rest of the season

If we get 12 points out of it – and I don’t know if that will be enough – then other teams have to get 12 points. That’s four wins. If we can win four games, the others in the bottom four or five have to win four and draw another, because we have a better goal difference. Burnley is a huge game and I’m not going to try to play down the importance of it, but I’m not going to ‘big it up’ either by saying it’s the end of the world if we get beat. Because if we do and that happens then we might as well pack up on Saturday. And there’s no chance of that.”

Burnley play Stoke tomorrow, so we could be in the bottom three before we play them. It doesn’t matter – it’s where we finish that matters. Burnley is a huge game for us. But if they draw tomorrow and beat us on Saturday, they’d be three points in front of us. Then we have two or three ‘biggies.’ West Ham is a big one. Who’s to say we can’t beat them? We’ve got Blackburn and Sunderland here, we have Fulham away and Stoke and Portsmouth to play. We have winnable games right to the end of the season, so it’s just a case of keeping going, keeping cool and not losing our heads at all.”

Is it really a managers job to speculate about the outcome of matches and do the math like this? He sounds almost like a supporter. And if it’s only human to do so is it smart to go out to the media about it? I doubt it.

A supporters answer to this should be; show it on the pitch, Mick! If you go out like this it’s only going to come back to haunt you and bite you in the neck. Let the fans go on speculating and counting points.

Concentrate to prepare the players instead and find out a way to beat the teams in our mini-league – like Burnley – playing good against the better teams is not enough. Counting imaginary points is something you can do when you’re up there with the best – not when you are fighting for survival.



~ by paddytheflea on March 9, 2010.

One Response to “Mick’s Doing The Math”

  1. Interesting times aren’t they!
    On reflecting on the run in for Wolves,Hull,Burnley,West Ham,Sunderland and Wigan, The last three of these all have 4 top clubs to play. Wolves have but 1, Arsenal. Also, all of these teams have 3 or 4 ‘6’ pointers to play,where character and home support will be the key.
    I can’t see Wolves winning more than 10 points this season.
    However, I think , out of those teams, only Wigan will do better.
    So, in my view the table at the end of the season will look like this.
    Wigan 38
    Sunderland 36
    West Ham 35
    Wolves 34
    Hull 33
    Burnley 32
    Portsmouth ?

    I’d be interested to hear some other prophesies.

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