Doyle will stay if Wolves stay

There has been a lot of speculation in the media lately and rumours about Kevin Doyle being on several teams wish lists for the summer window. Some of it may actually even be true. Doyle today told the E&S how he looks upon these rumours:

As far as I understand, I will be here – there’s absolutely no reason why not. The manager has said to me and a good few of us that if we stay up this season, there will be a lot of strengthening and adding to the squad in the summer and that can only be a bonus. That’s what all the players want to hear – if we sign another striker in the summer, that’s competition for me and hopefully that will push me, Sylvan and the others on again and make us try that bit harder to try to stay in the team. The aim is to stay in the Premier League with the facilities we have and everything behind us to improve again and push on massively.”

That will of course not stop the speculations. And the comments and speculations by manager Mick McCarthy on the matter will not do that either. Kevin Doyle was loyal beyond what is required of a top footballer when Reading were relegated two seasons ago. And I’m sure he was not without offers after that season.

But he stayed at Reading and tried to help the team to get back up again. So he has already shown that he is no mercenary who moves to the highest bidder. But to develop as a player he needs to play against the best, so I doubt that we will have a chance to keep him if Wolves – which God of course forbids- will be relegated in May.

But as we stay up Doyle will stay with Wolves and we will have a much better team next year. Not just because new signings, but because our current team will be one year older and wiser and having one year of valuable experience of Premier League football.

Then it will become REALLY interesting to be a supporter of Wolves. Because by then we will have a team that will have a good chance against any team of this league – at home and away.



~ by paddytheflea on March 11, 2010.

2 Responses to “Doyle will stay if Wolves stay”

  1. This is an exciting post.
    Leaves me thinking of what it’ll be like next year, if we stay up, what players we’ll bring, which ones will go or stay, and how we’re gonna play.
    Hopefully we’ll stay up, and become an established team in the PL again (so we can get Molineux rebuilt) and also win some gold.

    • Yes!
      So much to hope for and so much at stake. And the match tomorrow is probably a key to it all!

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