Player Ratings: Burnley vs Wolves

It was not one of the best matches in the league this season for Wolves when they met Burnley on Turf Moor. But who cares?!

Wolves earned three points and made Burnley stay firmly anchored below the relegation line. This was not a match for beautiful play and combinations. It was about putting in a shift and being in the opponents face and on their heels.

And I’m glad that Wolves still can play like that. And that we were the team to take advantage of the oppositions mistakes this time. When Wolves meet the teams on the upper half we give them advantages by individual mistakes. This time it was our turn to feed upon the mistakes of Burnley.

And we were composed enough to do that. And to do that away in an important game shows the strength of the team. And not to make any big mistakes themselves. They have learned the lessons.

Let’s rate the players then

Hahnemann – 7 – Did a very good match and saved Wolves on a couple of occasions. He seem to control the area around him and went totally mad when the defence did a mistake on the Burnley goal.

Zubar – 7 – One of the best players in Wolves today again. Had more to do in defense today and did it very well. Was involved in the second goal as well.

Craddock – 6 – His usual self and did no major mistakes, except missing a header once. Otherwise a rock in defense with 13 clearances. But lousy passing as usual.

Berra – 6 – Not as active as his team mate in central defense and comes into troubles sometimes when using to much force when he comes second to a ball. And he comes second to the ball because he is positioned wrongly. But that is when outside of the penalty area.

Ward – 7 – A very good match both in defense and going forward. The old Stephen Ward is finally back!

Henry – 7 – Worked hard and relentless. Helped out everywhere and saved Wolves a couple of times. More positive in his passing.

Guédioura – 7 – One of the best players on the pitch. Very tough going forward and it was his shot that deflected on Carslisle for Wolves second goal. Hard as steel. Nobody in the opposition moves him around.

Foley – 6 – Not his day today. Did his job, not more, not less.

Jones – 6 – Very useful in stopping the Burnley defence from finding ways to go forward. But not so effective at going forward himself today. Had a chance with a header, but did not get any power in it.

Jarvis- 8 – An extra point for his brilliant goal. He did exactly the right thing when he was given the chance by Mears. Always full of speed and today he was moving more into the middle of the penalty area. If he continues like this he will get more goals this season. Three clearances as well. Helps Ward a lot in defence. Matt Jarvis is Paddytheflea’s Man Of The Match!

Doyle – 7 – Had a couple of chances to score, but no luck today. Worked hard as usual and combined well with Jarvis at times. He actually kicked the ball up that Jarvis took advantage of to score. But I believe he could benefit by going on the inside instead of the outside sometimes.

Partytime! 😆


P.S. Highlights in the right sidebar below ‘Videos, Highlights’.D.S.

Matt Jarvis – Paddytheflea’s Man Of The Match – tapping in the first goal


~ by paddytheflea on March 13, 2010.

11 Responses to “Player Ratings: Burnley vs Wolves”

  1. Now we’re in pole position – let’s hold on unto it!

    Celebration!!! :=))

  2. I thought the game was cool.
    Jarvis is such a good player.

  3. I’m going to have to disagree. Ward 7? He got torn apart on multiple occasions even by their lb!

    The rest of your ratings are about right but ward has steadily done worst each game since his best performance against spurs away. Oh and don’t get me started on his distribution.

    • Rb i mean.

      • I think he did combine well with Jarvis and he was much better than in previous games when it comes to defending. But I agree that he has been lousy lately. But this game was a step in the right direction. But it could be that the Burnley attack was not up to it.

  4. He combined well when it came to short passes the rest wasn’t much good. Doesn’t matter though, he’s better than the rest of our lb’s.

  5. Paddy, I thought I’d tell you about this:

    Maybe you could grow into a more important flea by writing news articles on Wolves as well as your blogs.

    • Haha. Thanks for the tip but I have enough to do writing about Wolves here, Erick.

      And I don’t like these big sites who engage people working for free and then earns a lot on advertising. The small independent blog written by fans on interest and not for profit risks to become an endengered spiecies if these companies are taking over.

      • I thought the same about the no profit thing.
        But you’re Paddy right?
        So as long as you write your blog, we’ll be here reading.

  6. I know their defender made a boo-boo but it was a fantastically calm finish by Jarvis – how many times do you see players simply blast the ball at the oncoming keeper in those situations.

    • I agree. It was a brilliant move by Jarvis. I’m just looking at his stats compared with Ashley Young of Villa. Jarvis is the better player! And Young is a £10m. player. Apparently the stands went so quiet at Turf Moor that Jarvis became unsure that the goal counted. 😆

      He was not only the man of the match. He is the player of the season so far for Wolves in my opinion. Doyle counted. And now that he have scored I believe he will score more goals very soon. Why not next against Villa?!

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