The Hoff to Bristol City instead of Iwelumo?

I have had thoughts about if Iwelumo will stay in Bristol City or come back to Wolverhampton and if  Robins will perhaps  get a replacement in form of Sam Vokes. Today Daily Mail writes that Stefan Maierhofer will sign for a loan period at Bristol City.

If that rumour is true it is in my opinion a very good solution for both Bristol City and Wolves.”The Hoff” gains match fitness and Wolves gets a real evaluation of his abilities and Bristol City gets a tall target player and striker – the tallest player in the Premier League and probably in the FL as well – to help them score more goals and win more matches.

Many supporters of Wolves hosts the opinion that The Hoff has not been given the chance to show his abilities in play. He has played in eight matches, but only for 179 minutes. Several times as a late substitute.

He has been injured at many occasions. Nothing serious, but enough to put him out of the selection. If played regularly he could very well show the doubters – including myself – that he can be an accomplished striker in England – as he was in the Austrian league and in their national team.



~ by paddytheflea on March 15, 2010.

10 Responses to “The Hoff to Bristol City instead of Iwelumo?”

  1. Uuh have you seen him play? I doubt he’d make it into bristol’s side. Then again i’m basing this on very little, still i wouldn’t be too hopefull.

    • Well. He has scored a goal and he could score more. Perhaps it’s better to lend him out to Bristol than Vokes. He deserves a real chance at it. But as I tried to say – he has much to prove yet.

  2. how high do you reckon his head is in the picture? I reckon conservatively 9′ 2″ taking into account the angle which the photo was taken from!!

    • Yes. I thought that if manager Greg Johnson of Bristol City hade any doubts the picture will finally convince him to take the Hoff on loan. 😆

  3. yeah 1 goal in 179 minutes (two matches) isn’t really that bad, or what? And i am pretty sure he would score a couple of goals more if he’d got the chance to play at a regular basis. Can’t see why he shouldn’t make it happen in premier league, as he has adapted quite well. Played ok at Old trafford, held up the ball well but hadn’t the best players available around him. The Herminator will be back!

  4. Well Paddy unlike you, I believe Hoff will be a sucess so I reckon we should nail our colours to the mast now. Sucess at Bristol could be indicated by a better goals per game average than Iwelumo? do you agree and if so are you against or for??

    • Well. My guess is that Iwelumo will have a better average than the Hoff at Bristol. But I’ve always liked Iwelumo and I have not seen enough of the Hoff yet, so It’s only a guess.

  5. Iwelumo in form reminds me a lot of John Carew

    • Yes. He does in play.

      But Carew is an evil bastard in an evil team that Wolves will beat next weekend. 😆

  6. we could do with a few evil bastards in our team at times! Altho what Craddock and Berra do to crouch when we play spurs may actually suggest we have our share! Iwelumo vote noted.

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