Loan Watch: Mark Little is playing the football of his life!

I have an apology to make. I have sadly forgot to report about Mark Little – Wolves on-loan right back to Peterborough United.

And this is no little (!) thing, really. Because Mark Little is probably enjoying the best football of his life at Posh. He has played three games now from start to end and he is playing well. Very well! And so is Peterborough.

They are still at the rock bottom in the tables with eight points up to safety, but after the new manager Jim Gannon took charge they are playing very well. After the Coventry game, which they lost with a single goal, Gannon said to the BBC:

We have to put ourselves out of our misery and accept that we are going down. We would need to get three times as many wins as the club has managed all to season to even stand a chance of staying up. We don’t have the depth of quality and we have to be realistic.”

But after two wins – against the mighty Sheffield United at home and Watford away – they are at that rate of recovery. And it seems like our man at the club has a little to do with it.

Against Coventry he had at least one shot at goal and when playing Blades he was – together with the team as a whole – very competitive. Against Watford latest Mark Little was superb and he pressured the goalkeeper to make the mistake that got Posh striker Dickinson the chance to score. It was Posh first win away this season and Mark was one of the best in the winning team in that game, according to reports. One report rated him as a nine!

I thought  beforehand that Little would struggle to get into the tempo of the Championships, coming from League Two team Chesterfield latest. But instead he looks to be thriving and be up for the challenge. Perhaps it is perfect for him to play in a team that has already lost all hopes of staying in the Championship, just playing for the honour and the fun of it.

Good luck to Mark Little and I will not miss out on reporting on him in the future. I promise! Next match is already tonight against Donny.


Edit: I’ve just found an article and interview with Mark Little HERE


~ by paddytheflea on March 16, 2010.

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