The Hoff wants to stay more than a month at Bristol

Gary Johnson – manager of Bristol City – took the offered chance of signing Stefan Maierhofer from Wolves. Stefan will play against Plymouth Argyle away tonight and has completed a light training session after which he talked to Bristol City Player. Paddytheflea has transcribed part of it for you from the video

For me it’s important to play.  I had a hernia operation i January after which I was out for ten days. And when I came back into the team I was never in the squad. So. I’m 27. I must play, I want to play. Yeah. I’m happy to stay here. Lovely pitch, wonderful stadium, beautiful day. I’ve just had a quick session with the Gaffer and hopefully i can help the team.”

You’re here for a month. Do you hope to get more than a month here?
Yes. If we are at the top of the league and play for the play-offs and if I have no chance to play for Wolves it would be good for me to stay here. More than the 28 days and you can help the team here. Yeah! When I see the pitch and the stands I get very hungry to play. I sit all the time at the bench and I don’t get to play. So. It’s good for me when I start tomorrow.

Silly question number one. What are your strengths? Must be your height!
Yeah. In many, many interviews in Austria they keep on saying Crouch, Crouch. But  I think I’m adifferent player than Peter Crouch. He is an unbelievable player for me. He is a very good striker, scores a lot of goals and he has good technique. I work hard, I give my best every time – maybe I’m not the best footballer technically – but I play with my heart and my soul and give my best for the fans, for the club. And I can run for 90 minutes.”

How much have you played recently. Are you 100%?
Match fit. Aah. I played last time in the second team for 90 minutes, so from my feeling here and now I think 85-90%. So I think a good 80 minutes for me tomorrow is no problem. When you play every 5-6 days for 90 minutes, that’s the best fitness training. The match is the best practise. Last 5-6 weeks all the time just training, training and not in the team for the weekend. That’s hard. But I will work hard here.  In 28 days we have 6 or 7 games and it’s important for me to play every time 90 minutes. And score goals!”

Paddytheflea wishes Stefan Maierhofer good luck at Bristol City and will of course follow him and write about his goals here. 😆


~ by paddytheflea on March 16, 2010.

4 Responses to “The Hoff wants to stay more than a month at Bristol”

  1. slightly less impressive pictures this time paddy!

    • They are from the Hoffs personal webpage. He will probably be pissed if he knows I’ve nicked them. So don’t tell him. I don’t want to be chased by a giant. 😆

  2. lets hope city buy him and cover the 2m he cost us

    • I don’t think they can afford him, paul. And they soon have to put out with some money to buy out manager Johnson. 😆

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