Interview with The Hoff: Bad journalism or authentic?

Teamtalk and Tribalfootball – two sites writing about football on the net – today has an interview with Stefan Maierhofer as news. They both claim that the Daily Star is the origin of the interview, but when looking at their site I cannot find the article. Withdrawn or never there in the first place?

The interview goes as follows (from Tribalfootball):

“I don’t have a clue why I’ve not been in the team. I work hard in training, yet others get to play,” Maierhofer said in the Daily Star.

“Why have Wolves signed me only to not use me? Kevin Doyle cost £6.5million, so he has to play yet he has just got six goals in 25 games, which is not a great deal.

“The manager told me I lacked match practice after my operation.

“Then Andy Keogh came back from a three-month lay-off, trained for two days and then played against Bolton and Manchester United.

“I feel like they are taking the p*** out of me.“”

Talk about burning your bridges! Even if I had found the article at Daily Star I would  have considered if The Hoff really would say such a thing. Cause if he has he will find it very hard to come back to Wolves and face Mick McCarthy, Keogh and Doyle.

So for the moment I will consider this a rumour with no substance. The source cannot be found. If anybody finds the article in the Daily Star, please notify me below.



~ by paddytheflea on March 17, 2010.

6 Responses to “Interview with The Hoff: Bad journalism or authentic?”

  1. i did notice tjay this has also been on the sky sports website and there usually quite reliable.
    however who knows who’s sky’s source is?,19528,11661_6031988,00.html

  2. I have written about this elsewhere and I hope it is another
    ‘jouno’ story and not true for if it is, Maierhofer is going to have to explain himself like never before!
    I sympathize with him though because this is not the first time a player has been overlooked having been brought to the club for a fairly large fee and it does make one wonder what ticks the boxes for McCarthy when he decides to buy a player but then appears to put him out to grass!
    The instance with Keogh brings up the old chestnut of
    ‘favourites’ once again but surely it cannot be – can it?

    • I believe it was a hasty decision. Probably because Iwelumo was injured. In the long run Wolves will lose much money on that. I like Keogh and think that he has much to give to the team as a second striker in the right formation. But I know many who think he – like SEB and Kightly – was brought back in the first team to soon after injury. It is not good for confidence to play when only 70-80% fit.

  3. It’s on the Daily Star… Bangladesh site but as a link back to Tribalfootball…
    Scroll down the page here:

    I think someone’s havin’ a larf…

    • Haha! So it is! Rumours from Dakha, Bangladesh. Is this how they do it? And they are complaining about the blogs like Paddytheflea spreading rumours. I do more research and am more critical to sources than Skysports and other so called ‘real’ media sources. Thank you Ched!

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