The Interview with “The Hoff” Maierhofer is a hoax and a forgery!

After research from Paddytheflea’s readers (thank you ‘Ched’!) Paddytheflea have come to the conclusion that the published interview on many so called respected media sites like the Express & Star, Skysports and ESPN about Stefan Maierhofer is a phoney.

We found out that the origin of the story comes from The Daily Star of Dakha, Bangladesh (!) and it links to Tribalfootballs site for a longer version. I believe that Tribalfootball have some explaining to do.

It may be that somebody is having some fun, planting this kind of fake news, but these kind of rumours have a darker side. They can hurt Stefan Maierhofer and the club. I will therefore urge all media having the interview without explaining that it is or could be a hoax to put out a disclaimer.



~ by paddytheflea on March 17, 2010.

4 Responses to “The Interview with “The Hoff” Maierhofer is a hoax and a forgery!”

  1. Why not send this to the club! might help to clear up some problems.

    • I believe that they read Paddytheflea from NewsNow, johnwolf. They have ‘commented’ on some of my stuff earlier anyway. Or complained is perhaps a better word. 😆

  2. Tribalfootball is a very suitable name for the pathetic excuse of a football fan site.
    Swear words appear daily in the comments from so-called football fans and I have had reason to complain about racist remarks too upon this site!
    The owners are Australian from I can gather and obviously they are more than happy to let mostly morons comment (apologies to non-morons!) and it seems fraud ‘journos’ stir things up as with this report about Maierhofer.
    My advice is to give that particular website the boot literally and access other more suitable and acceptable websites – and there are plenty around!

  3. Since when has journalism become more akin to Chinese whispers?

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