Jez Moxey: Somebody has taken liberties in the extreme

The CEO of Wolves, Jez Moxey, today responded to the interview, allegedly given by Stefan Maierhofer, where he critisises his threatment at Wolves (see the interview HERE and Paddytheflea’s exposure of the hoax HERE)

Moxey at the Official Wolves Site:

Of course we have spoken to Stefan and his agent and we’ve seen transcripts of an interview Stefan gave abroad.  This has been translated and does not corroborate what is being reported. We have spoken to a number of people and we haven’t found anyone to confirm what is attributed to Stefan. The staff at Bristol City have given us information about the comments Stefan made and they bear no resemblance to what has been reported so perhaps someone has taken liberties in the extreme.”

However we will continue to look into it but as far as we are concerned, this sort of thing would be dealt with internally and we will not be making any further comment about it. All we are interested in is preparing for is Saturday’s game against Villa.

I agree with Moxey on this. Somebody has taken liberties and spread a rumour. And little Paddy was the only one to sniff a skunk. Let us now lay it to rest and concentrate on the game. I’ve already started to annoy the Villa fans by putting out statistical facts comparing Wolves and Villa players (see HERE).



~ by paddytheflea on March 18, 2010.

5 Responses to “Jez Moxey: Somebody has taken liberties in the extreme”

  1. Good work Paddy. This kind of bad publicity is just whart Stefan doesn’t need. I hope he eventually gets his chance as he seems like an honest hard working player to me (from the little I have seen)

    • Thank you, Bob. Yes. I hope he shows what he can do in Bristol and that this does not get to him. Otherwise he will not have a chance in Wolves, I’m afraid.

  2. Didn’t go to Plymouth on Tuesday but am looking forward to seeing what he’s made of if he starts against Newcastle on Sat.

    • I believe that a single striker/target man would be ideal to put out against a team like Newcastle. McCarthy would surely do that and I believe that manager Johnson thinks about the same way tactically, so he will porbably play.

    • P.S. You’re very welcome to write a few words here about how you perceived his performance if you’ll be watching him against Newcastle. Or write a short article to I would very much appreciate that.D.S.

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