Probable Team Line-ups: Aston Villa vs Wolves

A derby between Aston Villa and Wolverhampton Wanderers in the Premier League after both teams are showing form and really have something to play for. What a treat!

Aston Villa comes from a win against Wolves rivals in the lower part of the league – Wigan – and Wolves has – as we all know and love – just tucked Burnley in below the relegation line.

But let’s look at the probable starting elevens for the derby now. Last time the teams met – at the Golden Palace in Wolverhampton in October – both teams played a 4-4-2 formation. In the last games Wolves has changed to a variant of 4-5-1 with some success. In October Doyle and Ebanks-Blake were playing as forwards for Wolves and Agbonlahor and Carew had that role with the guests.

I’m certain that Mick McCarthy will continue to play with only one man up front and that will of course be Kevin Doyle. The Aston Villa manager O’Neill have injury problems with Agbonlahor, who catched a slight groin injury after the Wigan game.

I don’t believe that O’Neill will risk to worsen this injury of Agbonlahor by playing him already. Villa has a match against the Black Cats on Wednesday. It will be smarter to rest Agbonlahor until then. So I believe that Villa will play their in form forward Carew with Heskey tomorrow.

If we look further on the line-up in the match in October Villa will use the same back four as then. Wolves, however, had Ward injured then and used Elokobi on left back. He did a good job stopping Milner until he changed to the middle of the park, but Elokobi is not Wolves first choice at left back, so Ward will play in that position.

If we look at the Wolves midfield there is only one player left from October that will play from start tomorrow. Karl Henry. Edwards is on his way back, but it is way to early for him to take part in this game. Foley has played on the right for Wolves since Edwards – and also Kightly, who was on the left wing latest – got injured. Jarvis is today – and has been for most of the season – Wolves first choice at left wing (see a statistical comparison between him and Ashley Young HERE).

Two other changes has been made to the team that drew against Villa. Adlène Guédioura – a no-nonsense inner midfielder has been signed in the January window and has been a complete success. And David Jones – Wolves last year signing from Derby – has broken into the team by merit. Jones is the one that goes forward of the three inner midfielders, but Guédioura likes to run with the ball in control up the field as well. But Henry is mostly protecting the back four.

When Wolves played Villa latest their midfielder ace Downing was injured. With Downing playing and Milner in top shape their midfield is better. But that goes for Wolves engine room as well. I believe that is where tha battle will be played out tomorrow, and I’m certainly looking forward to watch it.

Oh, and Wolves have changed their keeper from young Hennessey to experienced Hahnemann – a countryman to Friedel. He has made the back four cooperating better in defence.

Oh, and Keogh, Ebanks-Blake and Milijas will be ready on the bench to come in. McCarthy may try to change the formation to 4-4-2 if Villa are in the lead – which God hopefully will forbid – after an hour or so. Villa will maybe have Agbonlahor on the bench as a safety precaution if their front pair don’t perform.

Here are the probable starting elevens for Wolves and Aston Villa:




~ by paddytheflea on March 19, 2010.

11 Responses to “Probable Team Line-ups: Aston Villa vs Wolves”

  1. im sorry but your comments about the statistics on ashley young r just typical for a team who are well down the pecking order to villa, other than the fact this is the worsed year young has had for us all u look at is the percentage, its the bleeding number that counts, sure u have a point for the amount of attacks created but thats down to the rubbish year hes been having and him not being able to put an attack together this year. Im sure if u looked at last year before we went on our terrible run that he probably had the best rate in the premier league or at least one of them, but anyway all of the other statistics he has had double the amount of or more than double in every area except for the percentage so what if uve had a better percentage at least young actually tries to get the ball and actually gets involved whereas your player judging by this just waits for the perfect time where he knows hes going to win the ball also i think we doubled your assists and goals there the things which count, your basically saying that if i win one tackle and havn’t lost a tackle im better than young, makes sense and if i win a foul and dont concede one i am amazing, it means im lazy u fool thats what it means watch young rip your team apart tommorow, hes picking up some slight form lately and will tear u to shreds, jarvis is not even in the same league as young, so stop trying to manipulate every1’s minds with silly things like the percentage is higher its like saying hes converted a higher percentage of shots to goals than he has but for some reason hes scored 20 more goals, urrgh i think the one with the 20 more goals is better unless obviously hes played about 1 game but guess what jarvis has only played two games less (thats appauling), heres to a 10-0 victory tommorow with young scoring five goals and setting up heskey for another five goals

    • Haha. I think someone just got home from the pub. O-K. You watch Jarvis and I promise to watch Young. I’m sure you will have a surprise and have to admit that he is a very good winger and if not better at least in the same league as Young. Only some 15 hours left to kick-off now!

  2. paddytheflea don’t try talking to prats like this, to hear viiiiilllla fans talk they are the best thing since sliced bread thats why they are struggling for fourth spot, let’s face it, if they get into the champions lge teams will be queing up to play the viiiiillla has it’s an easy route to the next round.
    As for tomorrow, lets hope that their team think like some of their fans- they might just get a surprise!
    WE ARE WOLVES…………………….

  3. just because you know im right, uve got to admit how he read those statistics was a bit retarded

  4. id rather be in a battle for fourth and struggling which were not than be in a battle for survival, i do actually believe u will stay up this season but only just, but you should go down next season unless u improve, which is a good chance but i wouldn’t bet on u not going down next season, anyway we have a game in hand on spurs and can be level on points with them if we win against u and two games on liverpool and one point behind city, and we have by far the best run in to the end of the season to them and all three teams have very hard games this weekend and we have in all fairness to u (i don’t hate wolves, infact i like them and want them to do well, i just h8 people that say stupid things, maybe jarvis is better, i dont believe so but we’ll see, but the statistics dont show that, paddytheflea just sees what he wants to see) is very winnable but then i wont be surprised if we draw, i will if we lose though

    • We have a young team Avillian, and they have improved by every game so far. And they will continue to gain in experience and skills in the upcoming five years. Most of them are handpicked by McCarthy and his scouts for the purpose of being at their best in 3-5 years – not today.

      Wolves has an owner now that can afford to wait for results and hold on to players if the big teams try to snatch them from us. We will take the long road to the top and not get broke on the way by signing ‘instant to go’ players for tens of millions. We grow our own. A thing that McCarthy has shown that he is specially good at.

      Add to that our well functioning Academy with plenty of players developing in the right direction I see a Wolves team in three to five years being where you are today. But good luck to you. I prefer a Midlands team to any other in the 4th spot – but not by taking points from us, of course. 😆

  5. Same as us then Paddytheflea, hopefully your right and in a few years it will be teams from birmingham competing with each other at the top end of the table, oh yeah just mentioning u slightly got the statistics wrong ashley young has had 7 assists not 4

    • Were still from Wolverhampton, Avillian! My source for the stats – Telegraph – writes that Young has made 4 assists this season in the Prem. Sometimes different sources count assists in different ways or you count in cup matches a.s.o. Goodnight!

  6. Nope there prem matches sorry its on anyway im gonna have a look at this jarvis and see if hes any good 🙂

    • Looked at and they have no record of assists player by player. I believe that you are winding me up, Avillian. But – as sai before – Wolves will soon wind you up. I’m off soon.

      UP THE WOLVES!!!

  7. You can’t keep us down we’re the Wolves.
    Your goal was outside ours was with pride.
    You can keep us down, up the Wolves!

    (Just made that up)

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