Player Ratings: Aston Villa vs Wolves

Are we surprised?  No. There is an innate quality in tne Wolves team that makes the team perform well. Wolves could have snatched three points tonight. But we could have lost three as well. Let us be pleased and content with one!

Every time a team is at the lead the story goes that they are the team to pity if they don’t hold on to it. Well. This time it was Villa that actually lost an early lead and Wolves that catched up to it and nearly made the match their own. We almost snatched it. That’s the way I prefer to look at it, anyway. We nearly came out with three points, for fuck sake. and yet…

Don’t forget that we played away. That we played in a derby away. That we did manage to hold a celebrated team like Villa – both at home and away – at a draw. There’s a tale to tell about that. A tale about a very good team. A tale about a struggling team that stood up against one of the best and were an equal to them. I’m pleased and content with that.

But that doesn’t mean that I give everybody a nine or a ten in ratings. I give Mick MccCarthy and Wolves as a  team a very high score – maybe an eight – but the individual performances of the players are, as always, up to my very harsh judgement.

Hahnemann – 8 – In this game it was obvious that Marcus was a factor that helped us to hold up the lead. Close to hitting the post but instead saved a goal. Had no chance at the goals. He is a pillar!

Zubar – 6 – Had a much easier journey than the bloke on the other side, but did it well most of the time and was a threat going forward.

Craddock – 6 – Well. He scored! But he did not conduct his defensive job the way he should. I am not impressed.

Berra – 5 – He did not score and followed the ball instead of the player when Villa attacked at several occasions . It became so obvious in the beginning of the game that he has sooo much to learn.

Ward – 4 – Abysmal! McCarthy knew he could not leave him at left back so he moved him up the pitch in the second half. Ward left our left flank totally open for the Villa attacks in the first half. Oh! My! God!

Elokobi – 6 – came in for Ward in the second half – Ward moving up the field. Played Villa last and stopped Milner. Did a good job again. But looked the wrong way at the goal, unfortunately. But saved us at other times Much better than Ward, though. Actually knows how to defend!

Henry – 5 – Many fans say he does a a silent job. Today he was very quiet. We lost the middle of the field in the first half. Nobody controlled Downing and Milner. Some of it must have been Henry’s job and he didn’t perform. Later on he did better but not good enough. With a better central defender that has the ability to turn play, Wolves would be a team in the middle of the Premier League today. That is my honest opinion. We need an engine with gears and a switch to go forward quicker.

Foley – 5 – He does a job defensively, but against the Villa team he showed that he is not up to it going forwards. Keogh in!

Guédioura – 5 – Not up to it today. Right of Mick to take him off at half time. I want him to rush forward with the ball. He did not today. Why not?

Jones – 7 – Thank you! One of our midfielders actually performing. I like that! Just when I said that he was useless going forward to a mate sitting next to me on the stands he pressed Milner to an own goal. Involved in both of Wolves goals. But he did his main job in defence. The only man who tried to chase the Villa midfielders and to give them a match.David Jones is Paddytheflea’s Man Of The Match!

Jarvis – 7 – Had his hands full with Cuellar watching him together with Collins tonight, but came through on serveral occasions anyway. But when he changed to the other side he kind of disappeared. But Wolves going forward on the flank was not a big threat today.

Doyle – 6 – As I’ve been saying he drifts to the sides instead of going in between the central defenders. I think it’s tactically – thought of in advance – but I don’t approve. Sometimes Jarvis, Jones and others are in the striker position not knowing what to do and not knowing how to run, Everybody playing in a forward role has to know how to score and how to run. Show them, Mick!

Paddytheflea’s Man Of The Match David Jones after the game to SkySports:

We’re coming off disappointed. I think we played well and deserved three points but it wasn’t to be – but before the game you would look at a point to be a good result here. We knew they would come on strong in the second half, they have been really good this season and we knew coming here would be difficult – but to get in such a good position and concede not the best of goals, we’re coming off disappointed.”

“The first was a free-kick, we work on those in training and I was glad that it came off. The second was more of a patient build-up, a good move, I thought I was going to put it in but all that matters was it went in.

(Link to highlights in the right sidebar under ‘Videos, Highlights’ as usual)

Paddy’s Man Of Match David Jones – pressuring Milner to score own goal


~ by paddytheflea on March 20, 2010.

23 Responses to “Player Ratings: Aston Villa vs Wolves”

  1. Well Paddy, I have to say I didn’t expect much from the match, but we got a great result.
    Overall, I’m happy with the result.
    We didn’t loose 10-0 like the Villa fans said.
    Ashley Young didn’t score on us.
    Jody Craddock certainly was better than Millner, and Jarvis played well.
    Up the Wolves!

  2. Paddy, I hope you have realized now that Jones NEEDS to be in this team. A good selection for MOTM, again.

    • Yes! Jones has played himself to a firm position in the starting eleven now, asleulv.

  3. u do realise i was being sarcastic wen i sed 10-0 if u actually read what i sed in another one of my comments after the one u read is, i sed i wouldn’t be surprised if wolves draw with us but i would be very surprised if we lost, anyway i thought wolves played very well whether thats down to us letting u play and giving u the ball is another matter but i do think u were unlucky not to win this game, but on the other hand thought young should have been motm as he was by far the best player on the pitch on the day and yes he set up the goal thats 8 assists!!, anyway wolves really suprised me at times u played some really good football, i really hope u stay up and i really do think u will with ease tbh because u have too much quality compared to the others in the bottom three to go down but obviously i havn’t seen your run in

    • Very close to beat you, though, Avillian. And I do think that Young played well. But, as you said, we were unlucky not to win this. But two draws against you and two wins against Tottenham are very good results.

  4. Bloody hell Paddy, you’re harsh there in your ratings mate.
    Your mugs played well and earned the point, as much as it grieves me to say it.

    Perhaps you remember my balanced opinion as a Villa fan from a while back.

    • Maybe I should have set the ratings today instead of yesterday, Villan. I was very disappointed that we lost two points and that a couple of our players in my opinion did not perform. But most of them performed well – and a couple were brilliant.

  5. i often read your match and player reviews. think you are well off and really you do not have a clue what you are talking about this time seems you want to get on players backs today however id look at youself first before you criticise

    • A couple of players does not perform and I try to be as honest as possible in my ratings and comments, Phil. If we were faster to turn play when we get the ball on midfield we should do much better going forward.

      And Ward was really bad and a security risk yesterday – something MM noticed as he replaced him in the second half. And I get soo disappointed watching players standing still watching the ball in the penalty area and not paying attention to the opponents and marking them. That happened several times yesterday.

      Just because Wolves as a team did a good match and got a good result it does not have to mean that every player played well. But maybe the ratings would be higher if I had set them today. I was disappointed that we did not get all three points yesterday as I’m sure that the players were as well – and that could have clouded my judgement a tad.

  6. Very negative review mate. Not sure I agree. We’ve gone to villa and scored twice, made them chase the game, all after an opening period where they oozed class and could have been beyond our reach. We’re never gonna out play a team like that till we get more investment in the team, so our game plan of stifling and frustrating the other side is our most effective weapon, and it nearly worked. We were even rewarded with boos for the villains at half time. And you’ve not mentioned Karlo’s heroic block on the line in the second half, defining moment of the half for me.

    • I believe that I was in a negative mood writing it. I guess it’s very much up to expectations. For you the defining moment was a save that otherwise could have costed us all three points. For me the defining moment was when Carew scored their second depriving us of getting all three points.

      But the thing is that I believe that Wolves have the potential of playing even better and get more goals if we can only get the ball up the field faster hitting them on the break. Villa were so open at the back when trying to even up the scores, and we failed to take advantage of that.

  7. Elekobi 6?
    My heart sank everytime he went forward with the ball or got the ball from Mancienne.
    Bye bye ball….

    • I mainly compared him to Ward and he passed the ball and defended much better than him. I’ve just looked it up and Ward had 58% accuracy at passing while Elokobi had 69%. That is a big difference.

  8. Our main threat was Jarvis down the left who I think is developing into pretty good player at this level. You appear to have critisised him for being ineffective when he moved to the right. This wasn’t his decision, it was forced on him by the bewildering tactics M.M who seemed intent on keeping Ward on the pitch. Mick recognised that Ward was being skinned ever time Villa came at him (have noticed how the oposition always target Ward as a week point?)so he bought on Big George but moved Ward left attack!!!! In doing this he nullified our best threat which was Jarvis on the left. Things improved latter on when Ward eventually went off and Jarvis went back to left wing.

    • Totally agree with your analysis there, K’ford Wolf. And of course MM was to blame for putting Jarvis on the right. He should really just put Ward out of his misery immediately at half time instead of giving him the wing position.

  9. Paddy, are you certain it was Wolves you were watching? I agree that Ward, Foley and Guédioura had poor games but Craddock, Berra, Henry, Doyle?? You are way off with those ratings. Henry was all over the pitch and did a excellent job (did you see that tackle in our box?), Doyle again was excellent. Have to agree with Lurch re Elokobi – he makes my heart sink as well! We are in desperate need for a left back, Ward just does not do it for me.

    • Craddock and Berra stood still watching the ball instead of marking Villa players on several occassions in the penalty area.

      I have no problems with Henry’s defensive play. He sometimes excels in that. Nut I want him to take the forward pass to turn the play much more often to start us going forward faster when the opposition is on the wrong foot and in our part of the pitch.

      Doyle has changed his play working more on the sides of the penalty area passing the ball in to inexperienced scorers in the middle. I believe Doyle should be the man having the last touch to the ball. He is better at that then the others.

      • Doyle has to work more on the sides Paddy, so he can hold up the ball and wait for the midfield to come through. Until we revert to 4-4-2 that’s the way it has to be – Torres does the same at Liverpool!

      • A good point, Sevlov. But does it really HAVE to be like that? Our wingmen should be in place further up. But I guess they have to help our full backs tracking back too deep. Especially Jarvis when Wardy is on. And Foley is of course not a natural winger. Remedy: Foley on left back, Keogh on the right wing.

  10. Harsh paddy, it was a very good performance. Giving Berra a 5 for not scoring is ridiculous, him and and Jody were solid (apart from one moment). Henry was superb and Ward wasn’t as bad as people think. Elokobi did ok, what happened to adlene?

    best have seen of Jone so far, but I thought Jarvo was better today. Doyle caused them problems all game long.

    • As I said I noticed our central defenders not marking Villa players one several occassions. Fortunately the Villa players did not score on these occasions, but they could have and then many more would have noticed it. Craddock got one point more than Berra for being brilliant going forward, but his defending was not top notch either.

  11. Paddy, hahnemann given an eight but Jones seven and got MOTM?

    jarvis for me though!

    • Yes, that is a little confusing, I admit. Maybe Hahnemann should have had a seven. Jarvis was good, but I’ve seen him much better than yesterday. Jones was involved in both Wolves goals and our best midfielder at defending.

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