Probable Team Line-ups: West Ham vs Wolves

Paddytheflea did it again! All 22 in the starting line-ups between Aston Villa and Wolves predicted correctly. What a flea, eh?!

But in the late game on Tuesday night it’s a little trickier. West Ham has not settled for a best team yet and they have a few coming back from injury and also a couple playing with slight injuries. But the Wolves team is easier to predict as Mick McCarthy has started with the same team in the last six games.

While Wolves comes from a victory and a draw feeling empowered and strong in front of the relegation fights West Ham has suffered four losses and their supporter are beginning to feel real relegation angst for the first time this season.

Speculations about the future for manager Zola are popping up in the media and a win against Wolves are looked upon as a must for the managers survival in the club and the clubs survival in the Premier League. As a Wolves supporter I relish this. Not that I wish our opponents downfall and relegation, but because I think that a worried team that has not managed to win for a long time is easier to beat.

But back to the line-ups. As I said earlier I do believe that Wolves will play the same starting eleven as against Villa and five matches before that. Some of the players did not impress me, but as a team they played well on Villa Park. I would play Foley on left back and Keogh on the right wing, but lucky enough we have Mick McCarthy in charge and not a digital flea. The flea might even play Craddock as a striker instead of Doyle. 😆

There are some information to puzzle together about the West Ham team as Zola has made some statements to the press. I have tried to puzzle everything together and believe to be close to the actual eleven starting.

Faubert is injury free and will be assessed before the game. I think he will get the green light as is his full back colleague Ilunga. Upson and Tomkins will work in the middle of defence.

Noble is also back as is Parker. That will give West Ham a stronger midfield than in their previous matches in my opinion. But Wolves has five in the middle to the West ham four and that should be an advantage.

Up front West Ham has many options I read that the assistant manager of England will be watching from the stands, so my guess is that Cole will be playing from start. Another informed guess is that Mido will start the game. But at that I must confess I’m a little more uncertain.

The reasoning above gives us the following starting elevens.

Up the Wolves!!!



~ by paddytheflea on March 22, 2010.

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