Reserves Watch: First team strikers in squad

The Wolves Reserves are playing Birmngham City away tonight and McCarthy’s giving no less than two of our strikers a run in the starting eleven. Here is the list of the Squad:

Wolves Reserves: McCarey, Davis, Griffiths, Dunleavy, Rooney, Bennett, Castillo, Edwards, Winnall, Keogh, Vokes. SUBS: Mujangi Bia, Mendez-Laing, Spray, Gorman, Harris.

Very good that Edwards gets another match. He will probably go for the 90 tonight. And Keogh and Vokes sure need a match. The official site says that some of the players are traveling with Wolves to London tomorrow as well.

Kick of at St Andrew’s at 7pm. Happy hunting!



~ by paddytheflea on March 22, 2010.

3 Responses to “Reserves Watch: First team strikers in squad”

  1. just like to say that i went to the arsenal wolves reserve game the other day and that Nathan Mendez laing was absolutly outstanding . Best player on the pitch by a mile , including any arsenal player . He has got to start for wolves soon .

  2. Yes. He has been very good this season. Starting with the Gothia Cup in summer. But if he has not made it into the team when Keogh, Kightly and Edwards being injured and Foley playing as RW he will probably not make it when Edwards and Foley are on their way back. But I believe that Mick should give the young ones some chances. At least as subs.

  3. Agree entirely otherwise we’ll lose our young players as happened with Mark Davies, or be unable to sign them because they know they won’t get a game – as happened with James McCarthy and Nathaniel Clyne this season!

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