Should Mick McCarthy play Craddock as a striker?

I’m not kidding you! It is high time to ask that question after the Craddock goal against Villa.

It was his fifth and our current striker has managed to score six in the same amount of appearances (26). To add to it Craddock has also made two assists while Doyle only has made one.

Craddock is very clinical when he strikes. He has only launched ten shots and six of them has been at goal, five resulting. Doyle has launched 42 shots with 18 of them reaching their target between the uprights. That’s only 43% to Craddock’s 60%. And out of the 18 only six goals. That’s 33% to Craddock’s stunning 83%.

So do you still think I’m kidding wanting to replace Doyle with Craddock as a striker? I believe that our central defender has been misplaced all of his playing career. He has been a square peg in a round hole as a defender. His place is up front.

Do you agree with me? Please voice your opinion on how many goals you think Craddock would have scored if he had been playing as a striker this season. You can see the poll to the right in the sidebar. You can watch what others have voted in real time.

Craddock for striker!



~ by paddytheflea on March 22, 2010.

4 Responses to “Should Mick McCarthy play Craddock as a striker?”

  1. i think he would need abit more pace but if its be at the right time striker then yeah but hes had a eye goal at late but could he do it every season i don’t know hes a good player i think he likes his role as defender i know mick all season has played players out of position but i think fans would think him crazy dropped doyle aswell

  2. Well, then it doesn’t matter. Everybody thinks he is crazy anyway. 😆

    But we could use Craddock as a striker in the last quarter of a hour or so if we are behind in a game. Move him up beside Doyle and bring in Mancienne to take his place at central defence. That will give us better firepower than bringing SEB or Iwelumo in, I believe!

  3. Interesting tactic that you have in mind.
    Could work Paddy.
    I however, think that if we play Craddock as a defender and then move him up as a striker, he’d be too tired.
    Just my thoughts though.
    He does need more pace though.

  4. If i had ti my way I wouldn’t have hoim in the squad. Has done very well this season but is not as good as Mancienne or zubar though. Rather them but msut gi e him credit as he’s done alright. Striker, haha…

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