Mick McCarthy: They get a flea in their ear if they don’t perform

The honourable manager of our beloved football club Wolverhampton Wanderers states in his latest interview for the Official Site that Wolves are getting seasoned, perhaps like a good wine:

You’ve got to improve if you’re in the Premier League. Physically, technically, mentally, emotionally – all of those things you actually get better at, and we’ve done that. We came into the season with little Premier League experience and I think some of them have come of age. They’ve got better, they’ve matured, they believe in themselves and believe they can play in the Premier League and not just be hanging on for survival, but actually competing against teams supposedly better than us and get points. Self belief is a wonderful thing.”

It’s a lot nicer feeling at the moment but we’ve still got work to do. We can’t just take our foot off the gas and think we’re in the Premier League for the foreseeable future. We need more points. I’ve congratulated the players on their performances, just the same as they get a flea in their ear if they don’t perform. But we’re all together in this, and they’ve put good performances in and had fabulous results.”

What? A flea in their ear if they don’t perform??? Has Mick found out of my existence? Has somebody told him about me? Is that the reason why my internet connection was down for two days?

I just want to say that I believe that Mr McCarthy is totally correct and a terrific manager. The players are getting better all the time and on Tuesday they took another step in their education. And so did Mick. And I do believe that they will graduate with honors in May – without fleas in their ears (as if that would be a proper punishment, huh). 😆



~ by paddytheflea on March 25, 2010.

One Response to “Mick McCarthy: They get a flea in their ear if they don’t perform”

  1. i agree . look what he s acheived since he took over . the man is a do er not a talker . we fell lucky when he came

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