Player Ratings: West Ham vs Wolves

The Flea is back! Sorry ’bout the intermission. It’s not like I’ve had a party for two days after the fabulous West Ham win – even if I have really been in the mood for it – but my internet connection has been down. Maybe it was because of Mick being patted on the head one time to many after the match?! 😆

It was a terrific team effort on Boleyn Grounds that secured the record win of the season for Wolves. And also the tactical smartness of manager McCarthy. I believe that the introduction of Big George Elokobi and Michael Mancienne in the starting eleven gave the final pieces of the puzzle to make Wolves evolve even further in their way to stay in the Premier League.

But I will anyway put may ratings on each and every one of the players that played for at least thirty minutes. Not one of them did a bad match on Tuesday in my opinion – and some of them did play excellent.

Hahnemann – 8 – Did find Doyle eight times with his kick-outs. But the main accomplishment was of course his saves. When the match was still to be decided he held steadfast and saved on the line. Just the kind of over achieving keeper Wolves must have to survive this.

Zubar – 8 – The crowd hailed him loudly when he was substituted after 80 minutes of fantastic footballing. He defended heroic and was clinical when he got his chance on goal. Did his first goal in the Premier League, but I’m certain that many more will come from his feet.

Craddock – 7 – Better than last in defence but had an easier job against the West Ham forwards than the ones in Villa.

Berra – 7 – His best match for a long time. Actually had more to do than Craddock and did it well.

Elokobi – 8 – Like his friend Zubar he was excellent. Nobody got passed him and he must have been a scare for the Hammers forwards. But what catched my eyes was his play going forward. He turned play fast two times and that resulted in goal two and goal three when he at both times found Jones perfectly placed to assist the goalscorers. Big George Elokobi did the match of his life and is of course Paddytheflea’s Man Of The Match.

Mancienne – 7 – Surprisingly Mick played Mancienne in the holding role at the midfield, but it worked very well indeed. He did some mistakes early on in the game, but played better later. The thing is that he is much more positive in play than Henry and that makes the team more on the move.88 percent of his passes were accurate – best in Wolves at that.

Henry – 6 – Worked well with being in the faces of the West Ham players. Had a good cooperation with Elokobi, Jones and Foley.

Foley – 8 – One of his best matches this season. Worked hard and successful all over the pitch. Was unlucky not to score early in the match. Will score soon if he keep playing like this. Wonderful cooperation with Zubar on their wing.

Jones – 8 – Worked hard as usual and his technical skills and his ability to know the other players whereabouts are showing more and more. It is no surprise to me that he was the captain of the Manchester United under 19’s and once has lifted the FA Youth Cup in the air.

Jarvis – 7 – Did very well as usual – and a clinical goal. Maybe his crosses could have been better this time, but he is always dangerous to the opposing teams defences with his speed and ability to get through. Substituted for Ward after 70 minutes – probably to have him up on running on full throttle against Everton.

Doyle – 7 – Did a Jarvis by opening Wolves scoring and take advantage of a mistake by a young West Ham defender. Well done! Worked all over the pitch as usual. Maybe I’m a little tight-fisted by not giving eights to Jarvis and Doyle – but I want to pay attention to the performances of other players in this match. And the performances of Elokobi and Jones were crucial to the outcome.

I also want to mention that Halford did a good job coming in for Zubar after 80 minutes, Not only by his long throws, but he made four clearances in that short time.


(Highlights below ‘Videos. highlights’ in the right sidebar as usual)

Kevin Doyle – just before scoring Wolves first goal


~ by paddytheflea on March 25, 2010.

8 Responses to “Player Ratings: West Ham vs Wolves”

  1. Henry six!

    I reckon all were atleast an eight. Elokobi had a very good game but the man in the middle of everything was Jones. I have been quite critical of him before but he has changed my mind!

  2. Jones 9!

    Seams to be involved everytime we go forward and is also doing a great job working back. Pure class!

  3. Agree with Louie, fantastic team effort but Jones definitely MOM for second game running

    • It was a tough choice between Jones and Elokobi, but the latter turned play by his passes to Jones for goal 2 and 3. A new ingredient in Wolves play to make us come up quick to the opposition penalty area when they are not ready to defend. And I gave Jones MOM against Villa.

  4. Paddy!
    I thought you got drunk somewhere and or arrested!
    Ahahaha, I loved the game.
    I’d been waiting to see the ratings.

    • 😆 I got drunk somewhere alright, but not arrested. It was a fantastic game. It could very well be the best match Wolves have played. Not only for this season – but ever.

      Football as a game, the equipment, the player physically – everything gets better and I believe that the way that Wolves played on Tuesday they would have outplayed the Wolves of the 50’s or the 70’s. This is a good time to be a Wolves supporter, Erick. 😆

  5. Paddy, I just think you dont like Karl Henry 🙂
    He was outstanding, yet again, and his goal line clearance just before half time was THE major turning point of the game. Big George did have a good game but he still makes me nervous! Dave Jones was my MOM – in the 93rd minute he was defending in the left back position – where does he get his energy from? I would give all the team an 8 but Jones a 9. When Doyle nipped in and took the ball off the defender I did not think he would score from that angle – class! P.S. I missed you Paddy and like Erick1011, thought you may have had too much of the black stuff !

    • Well. Henry was close to a seven. I’ve written several times why I don’t rate him sometimes. He passes the ball sideways and backwards to often – even when there is a possibility to pass it forwards.

      And from the Tuesday game I’ve got the proof for my standpoint, Sevlow. Before goals 2 and 3 Elokobi bypassed Henry and reached Jones with the pass. And that resulted in a fast turn of the game and goals. Elokobi passed to Jones five times – two of them did result in assists to goals. Elokobi also passed 10 times to Henry, but not one of them resulted in a goal.

      The fast turn of the game is the key to Wolves making more goals and Elokobi knows how to do that. Mancienne also has the potential to find these passes. But Henry does a good job defending – I will not argue with you on that one. And he is good at passing and holding up play on midfield.

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