Which players should we sign from Portsmouth?

Today it became clear that Portsmouth have the permission from the Premier League to sell their players ahead of the window. But the players have to stay and play in Portsmouth for the rest of the season.

The Express & Star is of course out to inform about Wolves summer interests in Mokoena and Tommy Smith and believes that the club still are interested in the players. I really hope not. They have not played well this season and I do not believe that it is just because they play in lowly Portsmouth. Pompey saved us from signing the wrong players in my opinion – and that is corroborated by stats.

They are not better than the players we have in the positions they occupy and we need to strengthen the team for next season, not have some old farts sitting on the bench. But there are other players that are much more interesting in Portsmouth.

The most interesting of all is Nadir Belhadj – a French-Algerian player and a good friend of Adlène Guédioura – playing on the left back. He is dynamite and does everything right and well. He has scored three times, he is very fast and a no-nonsense defender that creates problems for the opposing team all the time.

Another possible signing would be Frédéric Piquionne, a tall striker that might go well together with Kevin Doyle up front next season. He is a little to old – 32 – but if we can get him cheap I believe we should go for it.

The big price is of course O’Hara, but he is not a Portsmouth player. He belongs to Tottenham, but should be exactly the type of player we need to strengthen our midfield. The stats shows that he is better than anything we have today.  But my guess is that the big clubs will go for him come summer.

Which players do you think that we will sign from Portsmouth if any? Which players do you think we should go after? Discuss!



~ by paddytheflea on March 25, 2010.

11 Responses to “Which players should we sign from Portsmouth?”

  1. Out of interest where did you hear that Guedioura and Belhadj were friends? They were at Sedan for a season at the same time but AD never played…..

    • Seen it in an interview somewhere when I was researching for facts about Guédioura, Rob. I can’t recall where. Maybe a French or a Belgian source. I search everywhere for facts about new signings.

  2. I cant see anyone in the Portsmouth team improving our squad. The only exception would be O’Hara and like you have said he is a Spurs player.

    • Belhadj did a fantastic run on the left to give Pompey 2-2 against Hull and the hope that lead to the winning goal a minute later.

      The left back position is a problem in Wolves – or at least it has been until Tuesday. But even if Elokobi probably will be even better next season we need two top players at every position. I believe Belhadj could make us better.

  3. Not even 1 of them!
    The 2 which have been mentioned are not of the calibre which Wolves will require for next season ,particularly as we now look (hopefully) like staying up.
    Furthermore, why should Wolves do Portsmouth any favours?
    Mokoena was targetted by McCarthy but signed for Pompey because they offered stupid money – and where has that got them – and Smith is nothing better than any of the players we have now.
    Let Portsmouth wallow in their own sewage and let’s buy players who will improve the squad immensely and not just to make the numbers up!

  4. You lot are jokers. Fair play for your performances this season – they’ve done the club proud and you’ve got a few quality players who have really made the step up. But to say that there are no Pompey players who could improve your squad…

    Where do we start!? James is the obvious place. Despite Green getting the nod against Egypt, James is clearly England’s best and most experience keeper by a stretch. He will start at the WC and has still got another two years of top flight in him.

    Belhadj hasn’t really got a position – not a good enough defender to play at left back but not really a winger. Still, a quality player, and there is genuine truth in the fact that Barca are still tracking him to cover Abidal’s long-term absence (although Maxwell is certainly doing a job). Still, he’d be class for you lot.

    Forget Mokoena… he’s terrible. But Mark Wilson is really showing touches of class and has now made the Ireland squad under the Trap. Best in the holding role but can also play at centre half. Has made mistakes, but has great potential and is still just a kid.

    The rest of the back line is shoddy, I’ll admit that. Since we lost Kaboul we’ve been struggling on that front. But in front of them…

    O’Hara – Spurs, yes. But he’d be your best player, fact. If you stay up, MM should make a big move for him. First class.

    Yebda – very solid midfielder, and can play a number of roles. You’ll see him at the WC – good player, it’s no wonder that the Milan clubs were tracking him at Benfica.

    Utaka – only ever brilliant or sh*te. But can win you games on his own if you actually play him up top!

    Brown – believe it or not, the old boy still makes a big difference. Tackles all over the park and makes a big difference when he’s playing.

    Boateng – different class. If you give him the freedom, he can make something out of nothing. He’s been a huge loss since injury. Top drawer.

    Piquionne – sure, he’s 31 now, but is in great shape and has adapted well to the Prem. More goals than any Wolves player, and you don’t get a French cap by being a complete waste of space (bar Steve Marlet and Stephane Guivarch). Match winner on his day, and understands what it means to be a front man in the English game.

    Dindane – sometimes love him, regularly hate him. But definitely has something different. Wouldn’t pay £4m for him, but you can’t argue with 7 goals by Jan in a seriously struggling team. Has the potential to cause problems.

    They’re my main suggestions for you boys (and I do wish you all the luck in staying up) but there are others you should also look at. AVB, Ben Haim, Diop, Quincy, Smith would all improve your squad. It’s about staying up – that’s all. All of them can make a difference on their day.

    Anyway, sh*t old year for us. Genuinely hope you lot stay up. Hate Hull, and can see Burnley falling apart (if not Hammers!) so hopefully see you boys again season after next.

    • Thank you for the information about your players, pedalo.
      As I said in the article I agree on O’Hara, Belhadj and Piquionne. And James, of course. I’ve always said that he is the best keeper in England. The only classy one, really. But the thing is that we have an American that is very good and a young Welsh one for the future. So we don’t need strengthening on that department. Plus I do believe that James will be one of the players that you will sale after the world cup (at least if you are smart). Know nothing about Mark Wilson, but will look at him now. Sounds interesting for the future.

  5. Interesting to have in from ‘The horses mouth’,nice one Pedalo and thanks for your good wishes. For me the one Pompey player we should definetly look at is Kevin Prince-Boateng, a strong skillful and exciting midfielder who can score goals. Whenever I have seen this lad play he has looked good and as Pedalo stated they have missed him since his injury. To be honest I wanted Wolves to sign him in the January window and that opinion has not changed.
    Finally good luck to you Pedalo I hope Pompey’s problems are sorted quickly and that you bounce straight back.

  6. I’d rather have the ugly bloke with the bell.

  7. West Park Wolf.

    Mighty fine articule Pedalo,

    Totally argree with the above said.Deffo O’hara if he would ever come to us? Boateng & Piquionne must push out the boat big style and make the statement of intent on these two.Moxey,Morgan last chance to show the world that Wolves do mean business and arent a number in the Prem…They didnt do a fat lot in Jan and we have been lucky to a point..Anyway many thanks for your kind comments Pedalo & we Wolves fans wish you and your team every sucess too.

    West Park Wolves.

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