Seven Of Nine: We Are Wolves, Resistance Is Futile!

To understand the headline properly you have to be aware of the cultural phenomenon of Sci Fi series Star Trek and the character ‘seven of nine’ – a total favorite of the male audience because of her inflated, un-earthy appearance in her tight outfit (right). She was a member of the half human half machine Borg-collective whose favorite saying is “We are Borg. Resistance is futile!” when they attack.

But the relevance for Wolves is of course that we have taken seven of nine points in our three latest matches. Not bad at all, considering that two of them were away from home (I know that Everton has taken 7 of 9 as well, but I’m talking about Wolves now). 😆

Mick McCarthy is very pleased with the outcome, but it is no chance that he will relax for a second and there is no chance that he will let his players do it. The work ethic is high among the Wolves players. They know that they will have the chance of an ice-cream stick in hell to play for the team if they don’t ‘put in a shift’ – one of our today much liked managers favourite expressions.

Last time we met Everton – at Goodison Park in the middle of October – we played a 4-4-2 formation with the same back four as today – but much has changed during the five months gone of the season since then. We have changed the keeper from the young, promising Hennessey to the seasoned, experienced American Hahnemann. In the midfield we had Kightly – Henry – Edwards – Halford. Only Henry is still in the starting eleven. Kightly and Edwards are on their way back from long time of  injury and Halford is on the bench. When changing from 4-4-2 to 4-5-1 Ebanks-Blake fell out of the first eleven and has played very little since.

We got a draw against Everton at Goodison – which was considered a good result against them at the time, but it was an Everton team ridden by injury we met back then. And the supporters complained loudly about it after the game. Two of the four in their back line are still in their first eleven – Distin and Baines – but Neville is now back in the team after injury and – maybe most important of all -Jagielka is doing a great job as a central defender.

On their midfield Arteta is back after injury and that has lifted the Everton game considerably. But otherwise their team remains very unchanged from October. Three changes in Everton and I count to five in Wolves. So maybe them going on about their injuries was a poor excuse for a bad performance?!

But Arteta is a very good midfielder. You can see in the stats from his matches that he is everywhere on the pitch helping out ad he has scored four goals in his nine appearances this season so far and creates chances for his team mates. He is not as good as Fabregas, of course, but he is the same kind of player.

Jagielka has made Everton stable as a rock at the back and it takes a lot of effort to come through the Everton defence today.

What about the five changes to the Wolves team then?  Hahnemann is a better keeper than Hennessey today. He is managing the back four superbly and he is as good at stopping shots as Hennessey while being better at play in the penalty area. His kicks are as good as Hennessey’s so watch out Everton for a long kick that reaches Doyler!

Kevin Foley – our former ace right back – has moved up the pitch to make the right wing position his own, as we have injuries on both Kightly and Edwards. Against West Ham it was obvious to everybody how well he is doing his job.

Matt Jarvis – was a sub in October, but is better today. He has developed fantastically and is one of our most dangerous players going forward today. Jones is one of our most recent added starters on  midfield. He has been fantastic in holding up the ball and connecting with players going forward lately and assisted in two goals against West Ham and scored himself against Villa.

Added to that is either of Michael Mancienne or Adlène Guédioura. Mancienne – the central defender on loan from Chelsea – now playing predominantly as a holding midfielder which he did very well against West Ham. But my choice against Everton would be Guédioura. A no-nonsense midfielder with the urge to go forward. A type of player we have missed much previous to his signing in January.

So my conclusion is that both teams are much better than they were in October. And it shows in the tables as well. Everton has moved up to 8th place and will probably move forward a couple of places yet before the season has reached an end. Wolves is now on the 15th spot and if we continue as in the last three games we will stay in this league with ease.

Who will win this game then, I can hear some readers ask the knowledgeable flea. 😆 That is a very hard question to answer. My educated guess would be that it will be a draw again. I don’t think that Moyes (left) will underestimate Wolves like I believe Zola and the West Ham team did and Moyes/Gollum is a very shrewd manager. One of the best in the Premier League and British football. Something that our revered manager Mick McCarthy believes as well –having voted for him as Manager Of The Year the last two seasons.

A point would make both Mick and me pleased – but seven of nine sounds much tougher than eight of twelve. But ten of twelve would make me jump very high. And fleas are the best jumpers in the world.

Make me jump, Wolves! 😆


(P.S. You can watch highlights from the game in October in the link below ‘Videos, Highlights’ way down in the right sidebar.D.S.)


~ by paddytheflea on March 26, 2010.

One Response to “Seven Of Nine: We Are Wolves, Resistance Is Futile!”

  1. I thought we played at Goodison in October??? Neville, Jagielka, Pienaar, Vaughan, Anichebe, Arteta – were all injured. Those are some huge names

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