Ace Soul singer and Wolves fan to perform at Awards Dinner

The great soul singer and Wolves supporter Beverly Knight will perform at the End of Season Awards Dinner on the 4th of May, the Official Wolves Site informs.

Bev – who is born and raised in Wolverhampton – has been a Wolves fan since early childhood and loves Steve Bull. She has been highly succesful in her singing career and have released seven albums and she  has received a MBE from Her Majesty The Queen and an Honorary Degree in Music from Wolverhampton University among a lot of other awards.

Bev Knight about performing at the Awards Dinner to the Official site:

Am I chuffed? I nearly wet myself with excitement! I feel so proud to perform for the lads and other fans! It is such an honour. I hope I get pics of me with all the team and staff – to put next to my Bully poster! I think everyone knows how much I love Steve Bull. What a finisher! What a grafter! Totally loyal to the club, when so many others called for him to play in the “big league” And he’s still loyal now. He was the catalyst in the late 1980’s that turned our fortunes around and saw us fight our way back from the minor league and near obscurity to the second division. The only sportsman to grace my bedroom wall as a kid, amongst all those Prince posters!

I think it’s very nice that a real Wolves supporter will perform at the Awards. And she really is a great singer. Just listen to this old Sam Cooke song from Later with Jools (below). And I believe the text must be about struggling Wolves! Maybe that song should be the Wolves Anthem for the future?!



~ by paddytheflea on March 31, 2010.

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