Dave Edwards is back: We can hit Arsenal on the counter-attack

The come back of our fine midfielder Dave Edwards – or Eddo as he is called among the Wolves players – is going according to plan and I believe we will see him coming on against Arsenal as a substitute.

The Wolves World has published a video interview with him after the Reserves game, talking about his come back and the Arsenal game to come. I have transcribed parts of it:

I felt really good. I thought that I would have lost a bit of my fitness, but I did a maxtest on a fitness machine and I had not lost much fitness at all compared to pre-season, so that was good. I feel fine I’m back to 100 % now and I feel really good. I’ll try to get into the team for the next game

About Arsenal and the game on Saturday:

They are a team which you can hit on the counter attack. Hopefully -if we can defend well and with the likes of Doyle up front and Jarvo playing very well at the moment – we can hit them on the counter attack.

I guess that he will sub Jones or maybe even Foley if he comes on. Edwards in full running form is a great asset to Wolves in the run in. He is a true box-to-box player who works hard and runs in the deep. I like him!



~ by paddytheflea on March 31, 2010.

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