Wrong Management By Mick McCarthy!

I’m just back from the game and I’m not happy, of course. A goal in the back in the 95th does not give you the ‘jitters’.

People may say that Wolves didn’t deserve a point from this game as it did unfold. I agree. But the way it was played out it is still a very hard loss to take and a very hard match to lose – especially the way it happened.

Karl Henry – our captain and midfielder – was sent off – but I don’t think that was fair. A yellow had been O-K. But a read? No way!

People might say that Wolves were about to lose the game anyway. And they might be right – but we had the right to try, the right to show our cards – but we did not get the chance to do it.

Arsenal had the best team. It’s no question about it. They were the best on the pitch – I totally agree. But please, referees – let us play about it. Let us do our thing. But no.

I had hopes that Mick McCarthy would put Guédioura on as Henry got the red. In fact – I thought that would be a certain. Instead he brought in Keogh for Doyle and Edwards for Jones. Both of them were in need of Premier League tempo. And it was obvious that they did not have it.

It was for all to see, really. As it was for all to see when Mick brought in other players too early this season – Ebanks-Blake is one example. This is a clear management error! Why Oh Why did he not bring in Guédioura instead of Edwards and Vokes instead of Keogh. These changes could have decided the game and our manager blew it! Mick has done many decisions that were right, but these were not. End of.

But in the end I did not expect us to get anything out of this. And I am really content that Burnley and Hull stayed at zero points in their games as well. If West Ham will get nothing tomorrow – as I’m sure they will – we will in fact be better off than before this weekend. And we sure will prevail.

Finally. As all is said an done – Wolves has shown yet again to be the teamof our dreams. We did stand the distance for over the 90 against one of the best sides in the world at their home soil and we were very close to get a point. That’s not too bad. And if we have the blues today, I’m sure we will win tomorrow.

I’ll have a beer and just fade away – in waiting for the next game – we are a good team!



~ by paddytheflea on April 3, 2010.

18 Responses to “Wrong Management By Mick McCarthy!”

  1. Guédioura form has dipped after starting red hot. He would have been totally outclassed by Arsenal. Keogh and Edwards have had more PL games than Guédioura, I can’t fault on the decisions Mick made this game. Just a crappy way to end the game.

    • I beg to differ. I don’t belive that Guédi’s form has dipped. But I do recognise that Mancienne is better as a defending midfielder. He was very good today. But you will never make me believe that Edwards – fresh from rehab – is a better choice to put on than Guédi. That is bad management in my opinion!

  2. did not go – couldn’t afford it, do not agree that we didn’t deserve anything – we did because we bloody well battled all the way only to lose out at the death, as far has the sending off is concerned blame the ref and the cheating arsenal scumbag who rolled around in agony until henry got sent off, the ref cheated us at Liverpool and he has cheated us again, just because arsenal are at home does not mean we have to just turn up and roll over, ok they had most of the play – I couldn’t care a diddly twit and has far has blaming Mick – well that is just scraping the barrel because he didn’t bring on the players that “you” like, he is the manager and he did what he thought was right just has he did the last four matches!

    • Paddy is totally right. What we needed were players on the pitch that have been involved in the recent matches, not Keogh and Edwards. Neither of them looked fully fit so Guedioura and maybe Vokes should’ve been brought on.
      Keogh’s stupid intended lob over Almunia from the halfway line was ridiculous. He should’ve headed towards the corners with only two minutes left.
      Having said that, I’m totally proud of our players today. They gave their all and we all can feel really hard done by.

      • I agree, Paulwolf. Keogh, a favorite of mine normally, did not take the right decision there. But holding Arsenal for 94 minutes is fabulous and shows that we have a very good team, despite that we were outplayed most of the match. But the other games are going in our favour and we will stay in theis league to fight another season – I’m sure!

    • I don’t blame Mick for the point lost, johnwolf. But he could have done better in the choice of subs.

  3. That one really hurt! I was listening on the Radio and my heart was thughmping , then just when I thought we would make it the goal came 😦
    I dont think I have felt so pi**ed off about losing a game for years.
    Paddy – MM must have had very good reasons for his subs – lets not go moaning about who he put on and who he did not. Lets face it he has done pretty well lately.

    • I agree, Sevlow. Mick has done well. But he has made bad decision like everybody does. But I’m really pissed off like you. We were so close.

  4. Yeah…I expected Mick to substitute Foley for Guedioura. I’m sure he could’ve covered both rightside/central midfield. Is it too far fetched to speculate about a kind of pricing down strategy by not field players we’ll for certain bring in after the season?

    • That is a good a hypothesis as anyone, Karl De Wolf. We don’t put him on – we don’t rate him – but we could buy him cheap. Maybe it’s a contractual thing already written about him going for a higher price if we use him too much. You’ll never know. The business side of the game use to be well hidden.

  5. oh my god.this website gets worse.lets put on guediora because he would have scored 7 goals and won us the game easy! sounds like the same person who wrote this said that mancienne is too lightweight yet he put in a motm performance today!at the end of the day yes we did play second class to arsenal,but we were cheated out of a draw.it was never a sending off and where they got 5mins from is beyond me.no management decision would have changed this,stop writing the shit you do please,its so painful to read.you should be a dingle rather than a c**t!

    • You write exactly the same thing as me, PW. We were cheated out of a draw because of the sen off. But if I believe that McCarthy did the wrong choice of subs I write it. I don’t believe that putting on Guédioura instead of Edwards would mean that we would get 7 ore even one goal. But I believe that he would have had the tempo to defend better against Arsenal and we would have a better chance to come away with a draw. Is that so far fetched?

      Mancienne did a very good match – I agree. But he is young and his preformances vary a lot. Sometimes he is not up to it and then I write about it. I’m not a happy clapper and I don’t believe that iI’m not to critical either. I write it as I see it. As you do. I also ended the article in a very positive note. And I will of course continue to write and continue to critisise both the players and the manager. But you don’t have to agree and it’s good that you voice your opinion. But lay off the insults!

  6. Losing any game in the last minute is always a sickener and although we were basically defending for the whole 90 minutes, Arsenal had not managed to score during taht time – until that final minute!
    To say we did not deserve anything is being unjust to our players. They must have been doing something right to last so long without conceding!
    If Arsenal for all their players with their skills, abilities etc cannot score, don’t blame our lads, they are not there just to make the numbers up and be fodder for the opposition.
    We may not (yet) be good enough to match the likes of Arsenal etc but don’t play down the effort put in by our players to keep the score to 0-0, it is not easy!
    Anyway, the others around us did not make any inroads into the points we are in front so we can be more than satisfied with a 1-0 defeat. Hopefully our next game will see us gain 3 more points and put even more pressure on those clubs below us to try to catch us, which I trust will not happen!

  7. We didn’t expect anything from this game so to go so close was really exciting. I watched the game live on sopcast thru fox and throughout the 2nd half we matched Arsenal apart from the final shot/header. The refs decision on KH was wrong

  8. A bit harsh Paddy but I guess Keoh was a little naive in trying that shot. Mick though has done magic to the team of late and I would cut some slag. Anyway let’s move on and look forward to sealing this premiership status with style. I look at Stoke and even Blues. Let’s emulate them and may we move higher as we consolidate like Fulham and perhaps beat the likes of the Arsenal and surely we can all dream.

    • I’ve seen a replay of the game now and I can agree on that it was a little harsh. Edwards and Keogh actually wasn’t as bad as I experienced them at first. But I still cannot understand why Mick is not playing Guédioura. He is – in my opinion – a better fighter than Edwards and has the tempo in his body. Keogh did a good job up front holding the ball upp on several occasions, except the one when he tried to shoot from far away.

  9. Mick in my opinion is rightly getting a lot of credit for his tactics and man management.We are a well organised and highly motivated team that nearly held Arsenal. I think it is a bit rich criticising his use of substitutes.I know it is Easter but who do you guys want to manage our club maybe someone who can rise from the dead in three days.

    • Jesus! That would be something different. But is he really available?

      But my guess is that our supporters will be crossed at Him as well. 😆

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