Player Ratings: Arsenal vs Wolves

After watching the match the second match on a rerun it’s time to give you my verdict on the match and the player performances.

Playing away against Arsenal is probably the toughest task to have for a team in the Premier League. Only Manchester United and Chelsea has got away with three points from the Emirates this season and Everton played a draw there.

So as a supporter I had only faint hopes and some dreams of Wolves taking points from the game. And  the first half hour did nothing to change my view on our chances.

But after that Wolves managed to even up play a bit. And with Arsenal’s usual inefficiency in front of goal i begun to think that we had a chance of taking a point. Hopes were crushed, though, when Henry harshly was sent off directly on a red card. A yellow would have been the right decision.

My heart sank totally when substitute Bendtner scored after 94 minutes. It was a very cruel  way to lose when the whole team had fought so well against one of the best teams in the world on their home soil. To the ratings of the players.

Hahnemann – 10 – The best performance of a goaltender I have seen this year in the Premier League. World Class! He saved us more times that I could count and did no mistake at all. A perfect tenner. The first given by me ever. But it is well deserved. I hope the US manager were watching! Marcus Hahnemann is of course Paddytheflea’s Man Of The Match!

Zubar – 7 – Did a couple of mistakes and did not succeed in holding Bendtner away from the header he scored on, but otherwise he was one of our better players in defense and going forward. Helped out with his length in the middle at several occasions.

Craddock – 7 – Good defending as usual. What would we do without him?

Berra – 6 – Not as involved as Craddock. Is he rightly placed? I believe that he should have helped out more on the left in the first half. He did better in the second.

Elokobi – 7 – Defending from a whirlwind like Walcott is not easy and the first half an hour he did not do a good job, But it was not only up to him. Jarvis is to blame as well. But it was much better after the half hour and in the second half he played superb. Very good going forward as well as at blocking in defence.

Mancienne – 8 – Fantastic after the first half hour. In the second half he stopped everything coming at him.

Henry -5 – Did not have the ball as much as usual for obvious reasons. Arsenal had it. But Mancienne was the midfielder in Wolves that set the tone in this game. And Henry risked too much by trying to get at the ball and was sent off – wrongly or not – causing all sorts of troubles for Wolves in this and upcoming games.

Foley -6 – As most others he had a better second than first half. Had some nice touches going forward.

Jones – 7 – Worked hard and had some possession at midfield, but he was very much surrounded by Arsenal players when he tried to get forward. Disappeared somehow in the second half.  Right decision to take him out.

Jarvis -7 – Had a lousy first half and his reputation makes him very well marked by the opposition nowadays. But in the second half he begun to take more responsibility both going forward and defending together with Elokobi.

Doyle – 6 – Not at all one of his best performances. Close to a five, really. Didn’t even hold the ball up very well this time. Out of form or a Arsenal defence neutralising him? A little bit of both, maybe.


Marcus Hahnemann - A giant!

~ by paddytheflea on April 4, 2010.

One Response to “Player Ratings: Arsenal vs Wolves”

  1. Hi Paddy – Arsenal fan from California here – I agree re Henry’s dismissal – (despite he hole left in Rosicky’s leg) – I don’t think it as intentional. Must also agree with your assessment of man of the Match – your keeper was terrific – wish we had him! Sprry about he late goal – I know how it feels – Birmingham did it to us last week.

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