Wrong Management By Arséne Wenger

If Mick McCarthy did a wrong decision about two substitutions (see HERE) the Arsenal manager did a much more serious fault when he decided about who to put on from the beginning yesterday.

I thought when I made an educated guess about what starting eleven Wenger would put on, that he was smarter than to gamble about the team as Arsenal could end up losing the chance to win the Premier League as well as the club almost have no chance to win the Champions League anymore (see HERE).

But Wenger were willing to take that risk and he was only one minute from missing out on the chance to compete about the Premier League trophy. That is not good management, Monsieur Wenger!

What was the gamble about, then? Most of all that he let his two best players available at going forward and score – Nasri and Bendtner – rest from start. But it turned up that he had to put them on anyway, as the team was totally inept – really impotent at scoring – despite all the chances they had.

I don’t at all hereby mean to belittle the heroic performances of our players (ratings are coming soon) but  Bendtner would have put at least some of the chances that Eduardo got in the first half  behind our terrific keeper Marcus Hahnemann. Don’t you think? And with Nasri on the pitch from start the Arsenal team would have been more versatile and creative in attack.

One minute from missing out on the fight for the Premier League Cup, and I saw on the rerun how worried Wenger was jumping up and down of his seat during the last ten minutes. And it took a harsh sending off of our ‘spider in the web’ and Captain Karl Henry by the referee to give Arsenal the extra momentum to finally score.

That is due to wrong and bad management by one of the most admired managers in the world. Yesterday he was just not up to it and I doubt that he will be on Tuesday.



~ by paddytheflea on April 4, 2010.

56 Responses to “Wrong Management By Arséne Wenger”

  1. Arsenal won, get over yourself.

    • If you are happy with the matching of your team that is your choice, Evan. But admit that it was lousy yesterday and that Arsenal was every bit as unefficient as I have shown you to be in my stats. Not good enough for a Champions League team in my opinion. Wolves is – after all – a team fighting for survival in the Premier – not Barcelona. 😆

      • Manchester United lost to Burnley in August. Does that mean they are better than Man U. No.

        you also said earlier in the season that Jarvis was better than Arshavin. That shows what you know about football.

      • No. I did not say that Jarvis is better than Arshavin. I did a statistical comparasin of the matches then played. The article can be read HERE: https://paddytheflea.wordpress.com/2009/11/07/head-to-head-stats-jarvis-wolves-v-arshavin-arsenal/

        I see no wrong to do these head-to-head statistical things. It gives a little more than the subjective views but it doesn’t say everything. And yesterday Jarvis was much better than Arshavin (he was sitting in the stands). 😆

      • Jarvis was awful. Arshavin did more sat in the stands!

      • 😆 First irony of an Arsenal supporter on this blog! You should win som kind of price.

  2. Wolves parked the bus. Theo lost his cool. Hahnemann was magnificient. And given the quality of Wolves, Arsene would have been better to start with his reserve players. What better chance to get some experience than against some plodders ? Oh and Karl Henry is a thug – he had already stamped Theo Walcott twice before scissoring Rosicky.

    • There’s lots and lots of players who are much harder and rougher in their play than Karl Henry. He hasn’t got many yellow cards at all and I believe that this was his first red this season. But I do agree that it was unnecessary to make that charge on Rosicky. But I do believe that he thought that he had a chance of coming first to the ball. He is no thug.

  3. Think thats a bit harsh and it smacks of a bad loser. I’m not an Arsenal fan by the way.

    • I was as hard in my critique of Mick McCarthy, John Turner. When such a ‘star’ manager makes such bad decisions I think he is entitled to all critique he gets. But the funny thing about winning is that the Arsenal fans will have no crtique of Wenger at all – despite his bad management.

      • One thing Wenger can’t be accused of is not showing his entire squad he has faith in them. I don’t agree with a lot of his decisions but more often than not they come to fruition. We all think we know better. Yesterday, as always, he had the courage of his convictions and nearly came unstuck. But he didn’t. Unlike at Birmingham he took all 3 points. Wolves defended better than we do these days and I’d rather have your keeper than ours but Arsenal are not a team that give up and your mob needed to keep it together for a few seconds longer. But they didn’t so perhaps your ire is mis-placed.

  4. Well, interesting post. But then, who’s to say Bendtner would have been able to score the goals had he started. After all he was rather profligate during the Burnley game. And suddenly he’s our most dangerous player going forward? Eduardo was useless, granted.

    But the team Wenger put out was still pretty good. Good enough to dispatch Wolves at the Emirates any way. Wenger can not be held accountable for our failure to create changes and our inability to convert the ones we created. Nor could he have anticipated a keeper playing out of his skin to keep Wolves in the game.

    In the end, had Arsenal drew, it would have been poor management. But the fact that we won classifies it as a sheer masterstoke. It wouldn’t matter that we won it in the 94th min.So a risk, yes. But not ‘Wrong Management’.


    • An unnecessary risk in my opinion, PSL. A masterstroke for you is getting away with it despite bad management for me. And sheer luck!

  5. We expected to beat you with our reserves and we did. End of.

    • In the 94th minute with us playing with ten men. What an accomplishment! You must have the best manager in the world! 😆

      • Okay…
        1. you had 10 men for 30 mins not 90.

        2. We won a few weeks back with 10 men for 45 mins (mostly because unlike you, we didn’t have all 10 behind the ball).

        3. So is your argument that we scored in the 94 minute? I can’t think of a better time to score a winner. Why score a winner in the 1st minute giving the opposition 90 mins to respond when you can score we no time left.

      • You are right, but the question is if it was the right managerial decision. You were awfully close to ending up with only one point.

      • Yes it was correct because we won. If we’d lost or drawn then No it wasn’t but we won.

        We might (probably won’t) not get past Barcelona on tuesday but we’ve given ourselves a better chance by not playing Clichy, Nasri, Diaby and Bendtner yesterday.

        With the injuries we have to our best team, we can’t afford fatigue or more injuries to our best players.

        No disrespect but we expected to beat you with our best team and we did. It doesn’t matter how or why at this point in the season.

        If we beat Barcelona with a 94 minute goal on tuesday, I can assure you I won’t care.

      • with out* our best team.

  6. Sol, Silvestre, Denilson, Eboue, Walcott, Rosicky, Eduardo are all reserves.

    Only Almunia, Sagna, Vermaelen and Song are from our strating XI.

  7. He has always made wrong decisions when Arsenal is to face those so called big clubs. This many times disorganizes the players psychologically, case in point is the past week; against Birmingham, Barcelona and then wolves.

  8. Paddy,
    Now you’re simply acting like a bad loser. The players had a bad day. Wolves defended well. We came out with the three points. End of.

    And yes, we do have the best manager in the world. No doubt about that.

  9. Wenger put out a team which he thought would win him the game. The players left out from the starting line-up were available from the bench, should they have been needed, which they were. I don’t really see that much wrong with that to warrant a whole article about it on it’s own. But thanks anyways, i like wolves and hope u guys stay up! Cheers!

  10. “But the funny thing about winning is that the Arsenal fans will have no crtique of Wenger at all – despite his bad management.”

    Totally of the mark there mate, you get out much? Ever meet an Arsenal fan? Forget that, ever read an Arsenal blog? Wenger is consistently critisized, often times rightly so. So please leave the real fans to make judgement calls and you continue on living in delusion-ville.

  11. SO it’s ok for Arsenal to rest their first team not little Wolves. Sorry, forgot the SKY four can do what they like

    • There’s nothing in the rule book against resting players. The team just needs to be competative… or maybe you don’t think that was the case yesterday? We did not exactly lose 3-nil you know…

    • We didn’t really rest our first team.

      Clichy, Gibbs, Traore, Gallas, Djourou, Cesc, Diaby, Arshavin, Ramsey and RVP were injured long term or had niggles from Barcelona.

      Nasri and Bendtner were fully fit but rested for Tuesday.

  12. Arsenal should have been up by three at half time, then what would you be writing about.

    • Should have but was not, due to your manager putting on the wrong players from start. that is what I’m writing about, Stephen. There are always millions of ‘should have’s’ in football. 😆

      • How do you know we’d have won with our “first team” playing?

        You beat Spurs twice this season.

        Yes, playing reserves was a gamble but it was a gamble that worked. It doesn’t matter when you score or win it’s if.

  13. Anyways, seeing as i’ve been condemned to moderation for an eternity i’m outta here 🙂

    • Every new posters are, Dobbi. I was just out for a while making a cup of tea. 😆

  14. Arsenal did what they always do, cheat. They bully the useless referees to lean in their favour and for me the rest of the premier league should gang together and officially complain about the tactics of arsenal and man utd. As it stands it is an unfair playing field for most of the premier league with referees terrified of upsetting Wenger and Fergusson. As for me I will be supporting Barcelona when they slaughter arsenal next week. At the moment I think I would rather see the baggies win the champions league than arsenal, thats how much I hate those cockney t**ts.

  15. Jesus effin christ! Paddy the flea bag, how desperate arew you to try and re write history? Your team lost…. Get over it…. You can try and act like you were some how cheated out of the game even after that thug Henry sythed down Rosicky… Thats your choice and I guess that is what you would wanna do after losing in the last minute like you did!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahaa! I imagine the 4-1 at the Moulinex was a fluke as well… What is it with midlans terams and being complete c*nts?

    • I’m over it, ManGoonian. And our team is over it. But your team will not be over it by tomorrow thanks to the management of Arséne Wenger. They will still be exhausted of playing us when meeting Barcelona. 😆

  16. Mick McCarthy defending henry shows him to be a complete c*nt… It was a disgusting “tackle” completely unneccesary, reckless and lucky it did not result in yet another bro0ekn leg…. But thats what the English game is all about innit…. Its a man’s game after all.

  17. If I had to pay to watch that Wolves team time-waste from about the 10th minute and show no ambition for anything other than a bore-draw every week I’d be as pissed off as this Flea bloke. I don’t think that Henry’s tackle was a red card in itself but he had been putting it about all match and was sailing close to the wind. I guess the ref just had enough of his bully-boy approach. Wolves do deserve better than McCarthy though. He is anti-football personified.

    • I believe that the referee was wrong by not booking Henry in the first half for the challenge at Walcott. Then Henry would not have done the challenge on Rosicky in the second. Mick Anti-football? You must be joking! He is a legend in football and he will probably get an MBE soon.

      And I’m not pissed off at all. I enjoy this season as we will stay in Premier League – the best League in the world. And next season we will be stronger. Then it will be us getting that goal in the 94th minute. Deservedly!

  18. I really enjoyed the banter with the Wolves fans at the Moulinex, even when they were 4-0 down they were still giving it…. Yet to have to read about how Arsenal players are some how cheats and soft asses after yet more over the top challenges is a f*cking disgrace.

    The fact that the lazy assed media hacks have picked up on it is hardly a surprise either.

  19. We took an eternity tio beat a championship team, gtrue, after a tough Champions KLeague epic like that vs barca, it aint surprising, so now we need to jusitify ourselves against effin Wolves fans???? Give me a fecking break….

    • Yeah. That’s the right attitude Oh You High And Mighty. Unless you are Royalty you better get down from that horse before Tuesday night.

  20. Thats all you will ever be mate……A FLEA in a CIRCUS!

  21. Paddy. A question for you. How many Wolves players would get a starting place in the second string Arsenal team. That’s right – none.

    Wenger rested a few players. That’s his choice. It’s his team and it’s him going for the trophies.

    McCarthy rested players. He wasn’t playing for a trophy but gave the team that was a leg up. Apples and Oranges my friend.

    Bad management on Wenger’s behald. No. A calculated risk that paid off. Inspired, I’d say

    • Hahnemann is a far better goalie than Almunia for one. And Doyle is a better striker than anybody you’ve got.

  22. ‘Mick McCarthy did a wrong decision’?? And you talk about making an ‘educated’ guess about things?? If you really were ‘educated’ in anything you wouldn’t write like a 7 year old.

    • I can assure you that I’m highly educated. But English is not my first language.Therefore I sometimes make mistakes in grammatics. I’m sorry about that.

  23. Arsenal are taking too many chances to score .Against a better team,like MU,Spurs,Everton,they could have lost.This proflicacy in fron t of goal is nothing new. It also happened in Henry’s time.
    Could it be Arsenal’s style of play?I think so. The number of passes before a shot is unleashed gives the opposition time to regroup and hence the gunners find it hard to score.You look at other teams like Chelsea. They make the minimum passes before scoring.
    All I can say is Arsenal are at present making life harder for themselves with their eleaborate passing.

  24. gosh what a sore loser!! rofl while reading!!! just 1 question… how can you say it’s wrong management when arsene-wenger’s-wrongly-managed-team-selection WON?? the objective was achieved therefore the plan was successful. unless you can prove otherwise you might as well change your article title:-D

    • I think your team proved it by not winning until the 94th minute, MAM. And Wenger proved it by hopping on and off his seat and sitting with head in hands. I’m sure he was reluctant at his own decision at that time.

  25. you are talking about “might have” or “until the 94th minute” theory. to be honest just imagine what provocation you might generate if you were to say “if only Saddam was a good guy”. “Iraq might have been a better country”. Come on paddy stop dwelling on crap and write more concrete articles. and to quote you “You were awfully close to ending up with only one point” is really like saying you almost ejaculated but damn you didn’t!!! *if you get my drift* lol:-D. Football is always simple.. its either Win, Lose or Draw!! no such crap as “might be’s” or “could have nicked it” or “we were close of getting a draw”. Grow up please will you.

  26. Message to all you pathetic gooner fans, piss off and stick to your own websites. If I were you I would be worrying about the good hiding that the mighty Barca are going to dish out to you.
    That should give you something new to whine about.

  27. You are trying to suggest AW does a mick mccarthy and field a second string v barca to concentrate on the EPL, well AW is no hypocrite. I can understand your admiration of your manager MM but youd be foolish to place AW in his bracket. If you want to know which league MM belongs, just ask his ex-player roy keane. He is a crap manager!

    • I’m suggesting no such thing, refi. Wenger is simply not smart enough to match his team to get a couple of goals in early and rest his players for Barca.

      And I agree that Roy Keane is a crap manager. 😆 He has proved that in Ipswich and Sunderland while Mick McCarthy has proved that he is a very good manager by taking Wolves from Championship to the Premier League and in sensationally managing little Ireland to quarter finals in the World Cup.

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