Who should Mccarthy replace Henry with for the next three games?

Henry will very probable be out for three matches because of his sending off against Arsenal.

There are many options how to form the team in his absence. Mick could go for a simple replacement and put Castillo or Guédioura in his place. He could also replace him with Edwards. He could replace him with Foley and put Edwards up on the right wing.

He could draw Jones down to replace Henry and put Edwards in Jones place. Or with Milijas. Have I covered every possibility now? No. He could also revert back to a 4-4-2 formation and replace Henry with a second striker. What do you think? Vote!


It looks like a clear majority hopes that Guédioura will replace Henry. You can look at the results as they are at the moment by klicking ‘view results’ above.


~ by paddytheflea on April 5, 2010.

10 Responses to “Who should Mccarthy replace Henry with for the next three games?”

  1. Personally I would stick Milijas in and have Jones in a more reserved role with Jones. I reckon though that he will put Adlene in as a straight replacement

  2. It’s bound to be Adlene as Mick will want to see more of him ready to decide whether to take up the option to sign him or not.

    One alternative not suggested though is to put Foley in Henry’s place and bring in Bia for some experience

  3. We should play with one defensive midfielder, Mancienne, and two “attacking” midfielders; Jones and Guedioura.

  4. Guedioura would also be a natural replacement for Henry as a defensive midfield player. He knows that position well from Belgium.

  5. Guedioura.

  6. I think Mancienne will be left at CDM, and then we can have Guedioura and possibly Milijas in.
    Although it’s true we could stick Bia in to see what’s up with the kid.

  7. Guedioura

  8. it has to be Guedioura

  9. my money is on milijas. He clearly has the quality, its just the motivation he lacks, having not played in months and needing to make an impact may mean that he actually gets stuck in with something to prove

  10. Should Edwards replace Foley? I think so. And then as for my concern he moves out of the first team. He’s done well this season, but Edwards fits this position better than Foley, no doubt about that. And I rate Zubar higher than Foley because of his pace. Zubar should be used as a central defender when Craddock retires. Zubar has quickly become, in my eyes, one of premier leagues best left back. So I want two changes, not just one.

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