Wolves Reserves play away against Fulham tonight

The Wolves Reserves team are playing against the Fulham Reserves tonight at 7pm on Motspur Park training ground.

This is the team Wolves will play:
McCarey, Davis, Griffiths, Dunleavy, Metcalf, Mendez-Laing, Castillo, Rooney, Winnall, Vokes, Ebanks-Blake.
SUBS: Bennett, Gorman, Harris, Landell.

Playing in the Reserves usually means that the players are not starting with the first team the weekend after. So we can be pretty sure that Castillo will not start against Stoke in the absence of Henry.

Vokes and Ebanks-Blake are probably not starting either, but that does of course not come as a surprise. But I believe it signals that Keogh is regarded as number two among the strikers at the moment.

Paddytheflea will of course report about the match here as soon as there are any information about it.

~ by paddytheflea on April 6, 2010.

One Response to “Wolves Reserves play away against Fulham tonight”

  1. I’m sure Bia will feature in some of the last games of the season, and the nexts seasons campaign. He now begins to show his true potential. If one compare Ebanks and Vokes they play a different style of play. Ebanks role as a striker is based on scoring goals, besides that he doesn’t contribute much, where as Vokes on the contrary can make havoc with his physical presence and brings another dimension to our game than Doyle. But this status will change if Blake finds his way back to his goalgetter self again.

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