Adlène Guédioura will play on Sunday – if it’s up to the fans

Adlène Guedioura will play in Karl Henry’s role on Sunday – if the supporters could decide. That is the result of the poll launched a few days ago.

These are the results from the poll:

Who should Mick replace Henry with?

Castillo 8% (23 votes)
Guédioura 54% (152 votes)
Edwards 9% (24 votes)
Foley 4% (11 votes)
Jones and Milijas for Jones 15% (42 votes)
Jones and Edwards for Jones 4% (11 votes)
An extra striker 6% (16 votes)

Total Votes: 279

Adlène Guédioura is of course very interested in taking the position of Henry, he says to the Official Site, but he also realises that the absence of Henry is bad news for Wolves.

It is an opportunity for someone to come in but the decision is up to the gaffer. All of us will want to play but will also support whoever it is that does play. And it’s not good news for Karl or for the team. We have lost our captain and a good player for three games. It happens in football and we all have to work hard to replace this kind of player and still get a result. A season is very long and you get injuries and suspensions and we all have to be ready. It’s a squad effort and we all have to be ready to play a part. That’s the way I look at it – I have to be ready for each of these last games if I am called upon to play.

I have seen Stoke play a few times on television since I came over here. They are a good team and difficult to play against. But we are at home and we will want to win the game. We are all hopeful ahead of these last few games because of how we have been playing recently. I think we have shown the sort of form that will keep us in the league if we keep it going. We need points to be safe and have to be very focused on getting those points. It will be great to look back at the end of the season and say “we did it” but we’re not there yet.

Now I’ve come out of the team it’s the same as everyone else in that I have to show every day in training that I can get back into the team. Like every player I want to be involved in every match and so I have to work again to prove to the gaffer that I can be in the starting line-up. I enjoyed coming on against Everton and getting involved. Whether the gaffer gives us two, or five or 20 minutes it’s up to us to use that time to show what we can do. Every minute of the time you spend on the pitch is important when you’re in this situation. The gaffer is putting you on the pitch for a reason and you have to do what you can for the team.

Adlène about his time at Wolves in the Premier League

I’ve really enjoyed my time here so far – it’s been very good. The Premier League is one of the best in the world but as I’ve said before it wasn’t a complete surprise to me that I won a place in the team. I had worked very hard to be here and had to believe I would be good enough to play here. It’s also because the gaffer and the coaches worked with me and the players helped me adapt quickly and accepted me into the team. It’s a good challenge to play in the Premier League and I’m hoping to do more of what I did when I came into the team.

So is Adlène Guédioura the man that Mick McCarthy will replace Karl Henry with for the next three games and is he the right man for the task?

The last question a clear majority of the supporters are answering with a yes. But I would like to add that it depends on if he is able to change his play to suit the task.

It has to be less of holding the ball going forward in risk of losing possession and more of being the spider in the web and play the ball to whoever is in a better position to move the play forward with the team. But his play so far shows that he is pretty good at passes (73% accuracy). Better than Edwards (70% accuracy). But not as good as Henry (80% accuracy).

And if he can take instructions to play a more passing game I’m sure he will get a higher accuracy – hopefully without slowing the play up and/or playing the ball too much sideways or back to Hahnemann and the back four. So Adlène gets my vote as well.

But I can see other substitutions for Henry working as well. Jones drawn down and Milijas coming in at Jones position is a tempting solution – perhaps especially against Stoke to strengthen our abilities on set pieces.

To take Edwards in on the right wing and move Foley to the middle can also be a working solution to the absence of Henry. We know that Foley will not do a bad job in the middle and Edwards have shown both in Wolves and Wales that he plays well on the right wing. I regard this as the ‘safe alternative’ and it might very well be what Mick McCarthy will choose in the end.

To play 4-4-2 on home soil is also a tempting alternative. And Wolves play could have need of a tall target player like Big Chris Iwelumo against the well built Stoke defence on Sunday. Doyle is flexible and we know that he could do a job further down the pitch if necessary and also double as a striker.

But looking at the alternatives above I would prefer a straight swoop with Guédioura in for Henry. As does the majority of the Wolves supporters and hopefully – but I’m not at all certain – Mick McCarthy. He may very well play safe with Edwards and Foley.


~ by paddytheflea on April 8, 2010.

2 Responses to “Adlène Guédioura will play on Sunday – if it’s up to the fans”

  1. It’s a big blow losing Karl Henry! Paddy I know your not his biggest fan but he does add an awful lot to the team. I agree with Guedioura replacing Henry but I think MM will put Edwards in. I am very concerned with Henry’s absence but we have replacements that can fill the void – so midfield will probably be Manc (sitting in front of the back 4) Jarvis > Jones > Foley > Edwards.

    • At this time of the season I do agree that it is a bit of a crisis to lose Henry, Sevlow. The team has to adjust to a different man in the middle with a different way of play and the substitute has to adjust as well. But I do as well believe we have a couple of players who can do the job. And the midfield can very well look as you are suggesting. It all depend on if Edwards is fit enough and if he has the tempo to take the Henry role. But as I said. That is playing it safe in my opinion. I want to see Guédioura.

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