Portsmouth risks playing without six of their best against Wolves

Wolves play Portsmouth in the last away match of the season. The club in administration can face playing that game without six of their best players.

The Administrator Andronikou has talked to the press about it and explains:

This all revolves around clauses in their current contracts which mean that the semi-final triggers a set number of games that either means the player is entitled, automatically, to have his contract renewed for next season, or that it triggers a variety of cash payments ranging from £100,000 to £50,000. So, if a player plays at Wembley he would trigger a new contract the club cannot afford, or if he reaches 20 or 25 games, it triggers cash payments, some of £100,000. These bullet payments means that they can play in the semi-final, but not play another game after it, unless they waive those payments.

That would be tragic for the player if the team are in the final, but it will be the players’, or their agents’, decisions. They are going to have to forfeit those contractual obligations or they cannot play again. As the club is in administration and as the administrator, I am not in a position to allow these payments or indeed to allow the players to automatically renew their contracts for next season.

This could mean that the final  away game of the season for Wolves could be a much easier win then thought upon before. This is of course a tragedy for Pompey and their supporters, but my first and only priority is of course that Wolves will stay in the Premier League and this play in our advantage.



~ by paddytheflea on April 9, 2010.

4 Responses to “Portsmouth risks playing without six of their best against Wolves”

  1. Interesting but our last game is at home v Sunderland ! 🙂

    • Thanx. Last home game for Pompey in the Premier for a very long time, though. Changed it.

  2. It’s amazing some of the ‘bonus’ payments players get! I can understand getting performance related bonus but when your team is rock bottom it’s hard to understand.

  3. I am truely sorry for the pompey fans, but from our point of view we will already be safe by this stage and more than capable of beating Pompey at Fratton Park with all their players out there on the pitch.
    Come on me babbys

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