Player Ratings: Wolves vs Stoke City

Boring, boring! That was what the Wolves supporters cried when Delap made his throw-ins for Stoke today.

And he made 24 of them, so there were a lot of cries from the crowd. And that really sums the match up. It was a very boring game and the ones who expected an entertaining game or even a thriller must have been very disappointed.

The constant interruptions when the ball went out of play made this more feel like American than good old English football. And half a minute for Delap every time he threw the ball in does not make the game more entertaining. Is it not time for some new rules in this area? A friend suggested that a player should have ten seconds to act or the throw-in goes to the opposite team.

Having said that I am of course very happy that Wolves managed to grab a point in this game. The chances were few for both teams and they were not willing to risk anything for the point they had to start with. In other words a fair result of a boring and unentertaining game.

I had right about the starting eleven, but McCarthy used Edwards in the inner midfield – but he drifted to the right flank sometimes when going forward – and Foley at right wing – but he drifted to midfield a lot. A smart move? I’m not sure. Sometimes Edwards, Foley and Jones and even Jarvis and Doyle occupied the same spot. A lack of order in the middle of the field. But if by anything, this match was characterised by a totally overcrowded inner midfield.

To the ratings, then.

Hahnemann – 8 – Reliable as ever. Plucked many crosses out of the air and made no mistakes. Seven high claims according to the stats.

Zubar – 5 – Not friend with the ball today at all. Maybe too early to play for him? Not at all his usual standards, but he helped out well in the middle on the throw-ins.

Craddock – 8 – Made a great game after starting with some restrain. It was his 500th game today and he celebrated by wearing that headband again and by keeping a clean sheet for Wolves and making 25 clearances. Could have been a nine if he could be more accurate when passing the ball. Craddock has even more to celebrate tonight as he is Paddytehflea’s Man Of The Match.

Berra – 7 – Did no mistakes and like Craddock he did some excellent work against tough Stoke forwards. And to manage to get first at all those boring throw-ins from Delap is no easy task.

Elokobi – 7 – Blew hot and cold. Better in the second than in the first as against Arsenal. But he works well with Jarvis going forward and allows Jarvis to go in to the middle more. Good throw-ins as well. Ahh. I’ll change it from six to seven!

Mancienne -6 – He makes mistakes but he is very good to make up for them. Sometimes he looks very good on the ball and sometimes – as a friend of mine says – he looks like chasing a balloon. He would be a security risk as a central defender, but he does well playing in front of the back four.

Foley – 8 – Yet an excellent performance by our hard working defender/winger/striker. He was everywhere on the pitch today and was even close to scoring. 87% accuracy in his passes.

Edwards – 7 – A great performance by our blond bombshell as well. 😆 Very impressing to come back this strong after injury. 85% accuracy at passes and created a couple of chances as well. Substituted after an hour for Iwelumo and got ovations from the crowd. And I believe he has more to show us!

Jones – 7 – The best passer of them all with a 90% accuracy. Had a hard time trying to get through the Stoke defence – as everybody else – but he has played better this season. Substituted for Milijas with ten minutes left.

Jarvis – 7 – Tried hard but Huth was a formidable opponent. He tried hard and had a couple of ‘half’ attempts on goal but at least earned the team some corners.

Doyle – 5 – More a 6th midfielder than a striker today. The last games he has not been really up to it in my opinion. He has a decline in form and I believe that he even should have been substituted today – perhaps with Ebanks-Blake. He is no holy cow and sometimes he plays a bad game. This was one of them.



~ by paddytheflea on April 11, 2010.

5 Responses to “Player Ratings: Wolves vs Stoke City”

  1. Like I said, I don’t even live in England, and not even in Europe, so I haven’t seen the game.
    It’s recorded on my VCR but even then, a 0-0 boring game against Stoke doesn’t sound like much.
    I should just see the action with Milijas, since I heard he did well.
    Another great point for us Wolves!

    • You lucky man! 😆 I would not like to see that crap again for sure. I would recommend you to fast forward and look at the first ten minutes and the last ten minutes of the second half.

      • Will do!
        I’m so excited to see who Wolves plan on buying in the summer!

  2. fair comments but zubar was easily worth a seven today . george althogh a cult hero was very poor and a left back is a must for next season . stoke cheat on every single throw gaining yards . i could not watch them week in week out – shocking. another point roll on fulham . out of darkness cometh ………..

    • I can’t agree at all, rednal. Zubar had problems all game, but especially in the first half. He has been among the very best in the last games, but yesterday he didn’t reach that high standard. Elokobi was better, but made a couple of bad things in the first half.

      I really hope that we will not copy Stoke too much in the future. Not at all pleasant to look at. And, yes, I noticed that they cheated and gained yards all the time. So petty.

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