Probable Team Lineups: Fulham vs Wolves

It was a bit disappointing to me that Wolves was not capable of attacking more against Stoke at home. But one point is a good result and that point can be crucial for our survival in the Premier League.

Wolves seem to be a better team away than at home and I believe that the 4-5-1-formation (or 4-2-3-1 as I would like to picture it) suits Wolves perfectly away but not at home. Perhaps we should try 4-4-2 from start at home in the future?! The team changed to that after about an hour against Stoke and we managed to keep solid in defence, so why not?

But against Fulham Wolves will keep the team and the formation. There will be no surprises as Edwards did well in the middle, replacing Henry. But the possibility is that Iwelumo will come in if we are not in the lead after an hour.

Fulham have a very busy schedule with play in the Europa League against Hamburg coming up. I’ve thought a lot about which players Roy Hodgson will pick for this game. He rotates the team a little, but it is hard to see a pattern in his way to pick the team. (If you want to read more about Roy Hodgson I’ve got some writings HERE)

I believe he will rest Zamora against Wolves. He has many others to put up front in the team and Elm played in the Reserves latest for an hour. Maybe it is a little early for him to start, but I think he will come on later. I believe Nevland and O Chuka will start and I also believe that Dempsey will be given a start at the wing.

But Paddytheflea is known to make mistakes when trying to find out Wolves opponents teams. And when it comes to Fulham your educated guess is probably as good as mine.

Who will win this match, then? The most probable outcome in my opinion is a goalless draw. But let us hope that it will be less boring than the Stoke game. It can’t be more boring, for sure. 😆



~ by paddytheflea on April 16, 2010.

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