Player Ratings: Fulham vs Wolves

The Flea has been very inactive lately. I blame it on the cloud and a hellish tooth ache. But it would not be right to my readers not to rate the players in the Fulham game.

I’m delighted that Wolves managed to grab a point from that match. Everybody worked hard as usual, but the team has not scored for a long time now and that really is a problem to adress now.

Doyle does not look as comfortable as before, but did you notice that he came to life when he took Jarvis place on the wing at the end of the game?! Maybe he could play there from start and Jarvis could shift to the right wing. With Iwelumo or Ebanks-Blake in the middle we could have a REAL 4-3-3 against Blackburn at home.

But would McCarthy even consider such a formation of his troops? Probably not. Safety first. But I really wish that we could have some more power going forward – especially at home. And three points are so much more worth than one these days. Well. To the ratings, then.

Hahnemann – 7 – Not much to do, but as usual he did the right thing at the right time. Solid as a rock.

Zubar – 7 – Much better than last. Not very active, but the play was more on the other side in this game.

Craddock – 7 – Had his head wear on from start this time. A smart precautionary move. 😆 Played a very good and solid game as usual.

Berra – 8 – His best match this season. Contained Zamora and kept him quiet all day, except on one occasion. They tried everything to stop his good defending – even to smash his teeth in. But he just kept going and doing his job. And he had an attempt on goal as well. Very well done!

Elokobi – 8 – With Zamore and Duff on attacking our left defence they had a busy day, but Berra silenced Zamora and Elokobi silenced Duff. The fans who can’t see that Elokobi is one of our best defenders today are advised to change optician. He is also a threat going forward as usual. Big George Elokobi was of course Paddytheflea’s Man Of The Match!

Mancienne – 6 – Blew hot and cold on this day. But helps out a lot when the opponents are trying to press forward.

Foley – 6 – Combined well with Zubar but it was not his day. Was not involved much.

Edwards – 5 – Was he really playing? Only five accurate passes (out of 12). He was not involved at all in the action. Bring on Guédioura!

Jones – 7 – Very involved in the action and took a big responsibility in the middle. But he didn’t accomplish much going forward. Partly because he had to help out on the left when Fulham pressed forward. Replaced with Guédioura with 20 minutes left.

Jarvis – 7 – Tried hard to work his way forward, but with no luck. Tracked back a lot as well.

Doyle – 6 – Had a hard time against a solid Fulham defence, but he is not looking as sharp as a few matches ago. But when Jarvis was substituted he looked good and very active on the left wing.

(Link for Highlights as usual under ‘Highlights, Videos’ below in the right margin. Paddytheflea has links to highlights for every match Wolves has played this season in the Premier League)


~ by paddytheflea on April 21, 2010.

2 Responses to “Player Ratings: Fulham vs Wolves”

  1. I like your idea of Doyle on the wing.
    Jarvis on the other side, and then Sylvan to complete our old formation.
    I wish McCarthy could hear this because I know that with the right players, we can bet Blackburn and Portsmouth.

  2. Nice to see you back Paddy, hope the tooth is better.
    Agree with your ratings – Foley was not involved very much at all, had a very quiet game. I still have the jitters though, the next 3 games are going to be tough. We just have to get at least one win to make me feel less nervious 🙂

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