Sylvan Ebanks-Blake – The Wolf!

It’s the right time, baby! McCarthy from the official Wolves site:

“Sylvan has been upset and annoyed and had his nose out of joint. He’s been great and scored all the goals over the last two seasons. But he’s not scored goals this season and hasn’t played but he’s the hero again today. That’s what he gets paid for and what I put him on for – it’s what I expected of him all season long. He’s a goalscorer. I’m delighted he’s scored and delighted for him but I’m also delighted for everyone at the club because the goal has put us in a really strong position.


Sylvan has trained well but they all do – all the players that have come into the side have been match ready. I’m thrilled for him but it’s just a point today – we shouldn’t forget all the other hard work that has gone into getting other points in the euphoria of the moment for Sylvan. The way to get back in the side is do what he’s done and score goals. He’s done that today and in doing so that gives me a problem. And he’s been practising his headers with Terry (Connor) so it must have worked!”


~ by paddytheflea on April 24, 2010.

2 Responses to “Sylvan Ebanks-Blake – The Wolf!”

  1. Play SEB against Portsmouth.We’ll be 4-4-2 next season so now we are (pretty much) safe,let’s get some practice in!

    Mick damaged SEBs confidence by dropping him after his pen against Villa.Don’t make same mistake again!

    He did well both with his goal and almost got a second-confidence is coming back-help it along Mick!

  2. Agree – he needs to play and keep up his confidence. Personally I’d have been in favour of sending him out on a month’s loan about 4 months back!

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