Will Robbie Keane return to Wolves?

The Sun today speculates about Robbie Keane returning to Wolves next season.

The Player Of The Season in Scotland this season with 13 goals in 15 games made a choice to go to Celtic in January – despite Wolves trying to lure him to Molineux.

But now that it’s done and dusted he may very well make another choice for next season. Tottenham seem to have no place for him as a regular striker and he has been very critical of the pitches in Scotland. And – hand on heart Robbie – some of the teams in Scotland are no better than League Two. It’s simply not a challenge worthy of an international super star.

It is rumoured that Wolves offered to pay the salary for Keane – £65,000 – and a million in January. Double that to two millions and I believe that Wolves are in the race to sign him for the next season. Wouldn’t it be nice to have Doyle and his friend Keane together in Wolves for the next season?!

Be prepared that his rumour will  be one of the hottest during the coming summer. Let’s hope it comes true in August!


P.S. Another rumour going around now is that Wolves are interested in the Scunthorpe United striker Gary Hooper I reported that already in January (HERE).


~ by paddytheflea on April 27, 2010.

6 Responses to “Will Robbie Keane return to Wolves?”

  1. The silly season as not even started yet! I have always been a huge fan or Robbie Keane and would love to see him at Wolves, however his massive weekly wage would seem beyond us. Now we are safe we are being linked with numerous striker’s – Nicky Maynard, Gary Hooper etc. Well I dont think that Maynard or Hooper would be an improvement on SEB for a start. If we bring in Keane I will be delighted but I dont hold out much hope. I think Dave Kitson would be worth a look at – he and Doyle had a good partnership and I think they could do that again. Apart from a proven goalscorer we are desperate for someone in midfield who can open up defences – a playmaker should be top of the list as well. I had hoped Milijas would do that and indeed he may become that player next season if he has settled in.

    • I don’t belive his wages are beyond us, sevlow. Moxey said that we were in the race for him in January and he would be the perfect choice in my opinion. And he would be well worth it – economically as well – as he will draw attention to the club. A very sound signing.

  2. When did Robbie lose his arms?

  3. 65K a week in wages comes to about 3.4M a year. To me this is much more money well spent than blowing $2-3M for a lesser known, unproven striker, Mairhoffer style. Key this year will be to focus on quality, not quantity! We have quantity in terms of our youngsters already, who are growing. So just need to add 4-6 key players. So it’s YES for Robbie Keane!

  4. He would be a quality signing, no doubt about that. Sign him up!

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