Player Ratings: Portsmouth vs Wolves

How was the game against Pompey and how did the players do? It’s not a rhetorical question – I actually haven’t got a clue. Did not see the match, unfortunately.

So this time it’s your turn to inform me. If you have seen the match – on telly, stream or live at Fratton Park – please inform me of who was the best player for the evening in Wolves. And if you have the time –  please write down your thoughts about the game in the comments.


Vote below!

(P.S. You can watch the current result by clicking ‘view result’-D.S.)

P.P.S. You can watch  highlights from the game from a link below in the right margin.D.D.S.)


~ by paddytheflea on May 1, 2010.

6 Responses to “Player Ratings: Portsmouth vs Wolves”

  1. What? SEB gets a vote?! Why?
    Sympathy vote is it? Best miss in front of an open goal?
    Get him out on loan asap…

  2. Haha. Not easy to get him out on loan when it’s only one match left of the season, Lurch. Maybe to Finnland then, where they play during summer. 😆

    SEB can come good during summer. I believe it’s about confidence for SEB, it’s nothing he could train away. He is still young and confidence will be restored to the full when he gets a couple of goals more in the net.

    What do you think of Mujangi Bia and Guédioura, then? Should we sign them permanent and do you believe that MM and Moxey will do that? I believe we will sign both. Bia is only 20 and can develop into a very good PL player and Guédioura will be a regular starter already next season in my opinion.

  3. Doyle with a eight. Zubar was good too. IF you look in the observer, in the sports ‘verdict’ part you will see my platyer ratings

  4. Seems like Bia played well, getting 20 % of the votes. The impression i’ve got from live commentary on internet is that he was involved more in our play than some of the matches he played for us earlier. And MM was very positive in a prematch commentary about his performances in the games he’s played for the reserve team. I would set my money on Bia wearing gold an black next season

    • I agree. I believe we will sign both Mujangi Bia and Guédioura permanently. But Bia is not at all the finished product. But he is only 20 and will learn a lot. A good catch. But it’s the social bit as well. How well do they blend into the group? That is impossible to know for an outsider and very important for the squad.

  5. According to your votes when 89 fans have made the poll there were four players that rose above the others in the match against Portsmouth.

    * Doyle – Man of the match with over a third of your votes and it looks to me as he is back in form after a dip. He will be one of our most important players next season as well. Wolves will of course not sell him.

    * Jones – With nearly a fourth of the votes. He was close to score on a free and very active going forward. The Pompey game was very open and that suits him well. But he seem to disappear in some matches. He has to sort that out to remain our first choice for next season in my opinion.

    * Mujangi Bia – Seem to have taken his chance to impress for a permanent signing. Other bloggers don’t think it’s enough, but I beg to differ. He is only 20 and has now shown to everybody that he can develop into an accomplished winger. He will be relatively cheap to sign. Of course Wolves will sign him, having first choice and an already set sum.

    Zubar – It took some time for him to learn the language and andjust to the tempo in the league but he has gone from average to one of our best players this season. What an assett he will be next season!

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