Youth Watch: Wolves under 18’s in third spot – despite defeat against City

As I told you a couple of weeks ago (HERE) Wolves Under 18’s have a good chance of ending up among the three top teams in their league group.

Since then they have played and drawn against Sunderland at home and won against Blackburn and West Brom away. In the match against West Brom they were one goal down, but the Wolves captain Nathan Rooney managed to score a hat-trick in a fantastic display to change the game.

As West Brom is one of the main contestants for that third spot the win against them was very important – apart from the bragging rights. Today Wolves played against Manchester City at home but unfortunately they lost after a late goal by Ahmad Benali in the 85th minute.

But as West Brom lost as well – against Blackburn Rovers – Wolves are still in third position ahead of both them and Manchester City. Manchester United and Everton are already cleared as first and second.

So if they youngsters beat Blackburn at home next Tuesday in their last game they will end up in third spot – a great achievement in this difficult group. And as they slayed Rovers with 4-0 away it looks like the third spot is very much within reach for our talented youth team.



~ by paddytheflea on May 4, 2010.

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