Chairman Morgan: Doyle is not for sale. Simple as that!

Wolves Chairman Steve Morgan yesterday told the Daily Express:

My hope for next season is that we are not involved in any dogfight at the bottom and we kick on from here. That’s about bringing quality players in. But we keep our best players. Doyle is not for sale. Simple as that. He’s one of a number of top players at this club and we want him to stay. Our best players are not for sale. We’d like to see Mancienne back, there is a conversation to be had with Chelsea about that.

Sounds good to me. But – maybe unlike others – I have never been worried about the rumours concerning our Players Player Of The Year (see HERE). He is of course the main player to keep if we want to continue on the succesful path to glory.

Morgan also talked at the End Of Season Dinner yesterday and said about the supporters (according to the Wolves Official Site):

I must end with a word for the other important group of people whom we could certainly not do without – you the fans. It is one thing to follow a team with such passion and enthusiasm when they are on their way to a title as we were last season – and our
supporters certainly obliged on that score. Yet the mark of a real supporter is to stick with their team when life is not so rosy and somewhat more challenging, as it was always going to be in the Premier League. We always knew there would be difficulties at times this season, and when there have been, you have continued to get behind the team in such great numbers home and away and provide the sort of environment in which the players have not been afraid to go out and express themselves

In return I believe Mick and his players have given plenty to cheer about, and taken us to this position when we can all now look ahead to next season with fresh optimism and belief that the club can continue to move forward. A big pat on the back to all then, and, while we remain focused on Sunday’s final game of the season with Sunderland plans are already underway behind the scenes for the 2010/11 campaign.

Although we will strive to improve the team with a handful of quality players we will face the same obstacles as always exist in the transfer market and will not do anything to comprise the financial stability of the club which has served us very well so far. We will however certainly be endeavouring to support Mick in the aims of strengthening the squad so we can continue the development of the team which has served the club so well in recent years.

No surprises, but that sounds good in my ears, Mr Morgan. One of the most important reason for Wolves to gain and regain Premier League status is of course our stable owner and chairman Steve Morgan. Probably the best football chairman in the world! 😆



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6 Responses to “Chairman Morgan: Doyle is not for sale. Simple as that!”

  1. It’s a driving safe policy! If we get 12 million for Doyle I really think we should consider to sell. For 12 million we could get several players like him in. If one consider Dindane, a future Wolves player with Doyle, I would say he is equally as good as Doyle, and that for a price of 2,7 million. Another possible replacements are Beckford and Lens. We can get at least 3 players as good as Doyle. In other words we wouldn’t lose any quality, we would be strengthening our squad.

    • Ok, so were are the several players like him and who are they?
      We need to be building a team around him not getting rid of him. Beckford is not better than what we already have (SEB) and Lens looks like he is going to PSV. If we sold Doyle it would be a massive mistake and have far reaching effects on Wolves.

      • Agree, sevlow. But you don’t have to worry about that. We will not sell him. I thought about Zigic from Valencia to accompany Doyle last season and in January, but he stayed put. But now he looks to be wanting to go again. But he is probably over priced.

        But I want a tall, skilled player in beside Doyle and there are not many of them out there. An alternative would be to have a forward going midfielder who is tall and can act as a target.

        But I really think that a better midfield would solve many of our problems going forward as well. With two wingers and a stronger inner midfield much could be gained. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if we play 4-5-1 or 4-1-4-1 or 4-2-3-1 in most of the games next season.

        It’s all about the change from defending to attacking. It has to go much faster than it has done this season to overtake the PL defences when they are on the wrong foot.

        So fast wingers (and full backs) on both sides and a fine tuning of the skills in this area should do much to take our play forward – also with the players we already have. Don’t forget that we have lots and lots of PL experience now and our players – at least most of them – have grown and evolved in skills and confidence.

        My confidence is also very high for next season. I don’t believe in the second year syndrom. It has no support in stats. It’s a myth! We will come out much stronger and competitive in August. Believe me!

    • Firstly I don’t believe that we will ever get £12 million for Doyle. He is maybe valued to £8 at the most. And we will certainly not sell him for that. Secondly it is not only about players skills as footballers.

      They got to fit in socially as well and has to have the workrate that Doyle and others are capable of. I don’t believe that Dindane has that and I know that Beckford does not and Lens – how much time does he need to get used to PL? And Dindane is a midget. We need a target type of player to go together with Doyle or we could just as well use an in form SEB next season.

      Mick has learned a lesson about the difficulties of signing players from the continent. If he finds an odd player for a low sum he may sign, but not players without language skills and PL experience. It takes too long to make them tic and we will not have the time.

  2. It would make me a happy man to see Robbie Keane in a Wolves shirt again next season…as a creative attacking midfielder.
    Do I dare to suggest Emile Heskey as a strike partner to Doyle? 🙂

    • I find both of your wishes very exciting and good and have decided to grant them. 😆

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