Probable Team Lineups: Wolves vs Sunderland

Time for the last game in the league for the season. And there is really no tension there. But I hope that their will be some for the players as that adds fire to them and the game.

After all, economically it could mean more to win for Wolves against Sunderland tomorrow than a one year contract with Sportingbet or Burrda. Over two million difference in fees between ending up at 14th and 17th spot. And I hope and believe that it means something extra for the players to make a nice exit to the season in front of a home crowd.

I’m not going to be long about the probable team lineups today. I guessed that McCarthy would try something new against Portsmouth, but I guessed wrong. Only the necessary changes were made. And I believe it will be the same now. He will continue to start with an alone Doyle up front and five in the middle. But I believe Jarvis is back.

Sunderland has two men out because of injury, but I don’t believe they will do any experimenting either. So that will mean two very competitive teams and Bent is only two goals down from being the leading goalscorer, so please watch him carefully. Each team has six players who also started at Sunderland in the fall.

These are the possible starting elevens in the penultimate game in the 2009/10 season of the Premier League.

~ by paddytheflea on May 8, 2010.

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