Firesale at Pompey! Who should Wolves sign?

Portsmouth must sell their highest priced assetts to bring means to pay their creditors.

A list has been sent to the clubs with prices for each player. Who do you think Wolves should sign firsthand? I will first give you some names and prices and the link to a presentation on Wikipedia and then a poll where you can vote and look how others votes. Good hunting! 😆

Marc Wilson – £ 5 million – wiki

Kevin-Prince Boateng – £5 million – wiki

Nadir Belhadj – £4 million – wiki

Tal Ben-Haim – £4 million – wiki

John Utaka- £4 million – wiki

David Nugent – £3 million – wiki

P.S. I have delibrately left out Dindane as he is not a Pompey player.D.S.


~ by paddytheflea on May 9, 2010.

3 Responses to “Firesale at Pompey! Who should Wolves sign?”

  1. I think we should buy John Utaka. Isn’t a typical topscorer but has a lot of experience from clubs in France. Scored 22 goals in 63 matches for Rennes, which is decent.

    We need a physical attacker, fast and strong. Another positive is that he already knows Dindane. Sign him up!

  2. His, Utakas, goal rate is actually impressive when we know he’s mostly played as a winger. Counter attack players we need.

  3. At those prices I would not sign any of them.The power lies with the buyer and not with Pompey so we can get any of this motley crew for a damn sight less than this.

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