Ins outs and rumours

Geoffrey Mujangi Bia will stay with Wolves on loan for another season. That was the wise decision that Mick and the Wolves administration took today.

Mujangi Bia has suffered for a couple of niggling injuries during his stay at Wolves and I could understande that Mick wants some more time to assess the young wingers qualities and this is a very good solution for both the club and for Mujangi Bia himself in my opinion. Maybe for Charleroi as well, as they probably need the money and the player gets a good footballing education and experience at the highest level if we’re not interested in him at the end of his loan spell.

On the other hand Wolves have decided to let go of Castillo. I believe that is a good decision as well. We have better players in Wolves that has the same qualities – and more – to offer to a team. But thank you, Castillo and good luck in the future!

The big rumour today is that Wolves are bidding on Aruna Dindane, Lens.  According to rumour the prolific striker has already done his medical at Blackburn, but Wolves seem to be eager to get him. Blackburn has not agreed a fee with Lens, reports the Express & Star, but Panathinaikos wants him and can offer Champions League play, so maybe we are small potatoes to the little forward.

I’m not so sure that he is the right type of player to pair up with Kevin Doyle anyway, but that could (I hope not) imply that the rumour of Doyle signing for Arsenal could be true.

But that is only high altitude speculation from my side, and fleas get a little weird on high altitude. 😆


~ by paddytheflea on May 11, 2010.

14 Responses to “Ins outs and rumours”

  1. Pleased that GMB is staying, if injury free I believe he will show what a talented footballer he is, no doubt that pre-season training with Wolves will help him out a lot. I am not certain about Dindane, I read somewhere he is only 5ft 6ins ? Is that correct? Maybe the article was wrong 🙂
    I was dissapointed in Castillo, I thought initially he looked promising but then he just did not seem to have put much effort into his games.

  2. Ok Dindane is 1.74 metres = 5ft 8ins. I was hoping for more of a target man. Would like to see Andy Carrol from Newcastle at the Wolves.

  3. Mujangi is also under 21 which means he won’t need to be named in our 25 man squad for next season

  4. Our wages policy might do it difficult to compete with other high spenders. Dindane would surely add quality to our talented squad. We need backup for Doyle in case he’ll leave during the summer or in case of an injury

  5. Is Van Damme on his way? I’m certainly hope so. We need players with strength and heigt. He’s a very versatile player, can play in centre/left defence as well as a centre midfielder. Saw some videos of him on youtube. Seems like he is some sort of free kick specialist – scores a lot of goals on the head. 23 capps for Belgium. The only questionsmark is if he’s up for the speed of the game in premier.

    • Looks like he really is on his way. Hope he is class and can adapt quickly.

  6. How about looking at Ivan Klasnic if and when he leaves bolton, to go back to Nantes, I think with his 1 goal every 3 games ratio he would be a good addition alongside Doyle.
    GMB, would like to see more of him when he is fully fit and has a greater understanding of the english language (that was rumoured as 1 of his early issues).
    Dindane? does he really add anything that is better than SEB? (i know SEB has had a bad season, but I am backing him to fire in 10+ next season)
    Carroll the toon, don’t think he would a) join us, or b) be a great addition to the squad.
    It’s a shame Castillo hasn’t performed as we all hoped, but then he stuggled at Everton last season the same too. Maybe the Prem just isn’t good for him. GL elsewhere Segundo.
    Van Damme is intruiging, but i think if Manciene comes back do we need another CM, and is he better anywhere else vs a specialist LB or CB?

    • Klasnic could be the answer to our forward lineup, yes. One of my top choices.

  7. I believe that Dindane has his shortcomings, yes. 😆
    But ten goals in not so many games from start is impressing in a troubled team like Pompey. but – as you say – a taller guy would make a better pairing with Doyler.

    It is always chance-taking to bring in an unproved player from the continent. The Belgian League is rubbish. But Mujangi and Guédioura has proved to be pretty good, so to the right price we should probably go for it

  8. Paddy, what’s happening. Haven’t seen any articles for a while

  9. im guessing their is not much news to talk about! (shrugs)

    • Well, you are right. Nothing is really happening, is it?! Just taken a little vacation from writing in the silly season. I know I can get a lot of readers by writing about rumours or speculating about players coming or going, but I’m more fact- and quality oriented and I really needed a pause. But I’ll be back very soon! 😆

  10. Knew it! But this week you’ll have do some blogs with Van Damme and Fletcher hopefully incoming 😉

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