Is Keogh off to Barnsley?

Well. Paddy’s research into vague clues about what’s happening at Compton and elsewhere continues.

Yesterday Mick McCarthy dropped a hint about Surman and Keogh in an interview for Wolves World. He said:

Andy Keogh started the season and then got injured and wasn’t in the team. He does not want to be third or fourth choice, none of them do, but that’s how it can end up.”

Andrew Surman is a good player, he had a couple of games then didn’t get his chance. He doesn’t want to be third or fourth choice. If that’s going to be the case they might want to move on. There are players who have helped us but it comes to a natural progression that they will move on…

I believe that is clear evidence that Andy Keogh and Andrew Surman are moving on. I for one am a little sad about it. I’ve always valued Keogh very high, but I could understand if he does not want to be our fourth forward and finds it hard to break into a team with such accomplished strikers as Ebanks-Blake, Doyle and Fletcher.

And with the new 25 player squad rule he risks to be outside of the squad completely if he stays. Over to clue number two. 😆

Also yesterday a supporter from Barnsley wrote on the Wolves BBC 606. He was very ridiculed at the time, but I took notice of his writing:

Dave Edwards. barnsley fan here, heard that he was shown round oakwell last week, can you see it been true and is he out of contract, thanks also what type of player is he.

Already then – before I saw the interview with McCarthy – I wondered if the Tyke had it all wrong. Come to think about it Edwards and Keogh are a little bit alike from a distance.  Fair-haired and thin with a boyish look. And it is easier to draw the conclusion that Keogh is on his way out than Edwards.

The third evidence in the chain I found at Barnsley. They just sold their main striker Bogdanovich to their local competitors Sheffield United. They are – in other words – in great need of a striker to stay competitive in the Championship for the next season.

And what could be more natural than to turn to the old hero of the club – Magic Mick McCarthy – and ask him if he got any striker to sell? Especially as we just signed Fletcher.

So case closed and Paddytheflea has just created another rumour. Not bad for a little flea, uh? Actually awflea easy. And it really could be true, cause it’s based on a chain of facts. Take it or leave it.  😆



~ by paddytheflea on June 8, 2010.

17 Responses to “Is Keogh off to Barnsley?”

  1. I’ve got mixed feelings about Keogh leaving too. A hard working striker which reminds me a lot of Doyle in his style of play – very mobile. He would be a great alternative to Doyle if he gets injured, but I really understand Keoghs and MMs decision. He really did well at the beginning of last season, before he was injured. Surely it signals that other strikers are on their way (?)

  2. Paddy, if you’re going to have a blog, can I suggest you at least try to write in the Queens English.

    Some of the grammar and spelling in this is atrocious.

    The third ‘evidens’ what on earth is evidens?

    “I for one is a little sad about it” Should read “I for one AM a little sad about it”

    And are you sure the Barnsley fan’s name wasn’t Dave Edwards????

    • Sorry, Radaam! I’ll make some changes. The Queen from the country I grew up in did not have English as her first language nor did I. So I guess that I don’t know how to write in the proper Queens Engish. By the way – is it still Victoria? 😆

      • Paddy I love your blog, you make some intelligent points and bring a fresh and unique perspective to The Wolves. You sometimes also bring a fresh and unique use of English, but it’s not a grammar contest it’s a blog about Wolves, and I like this one.

      • Thank you very much, sleachy. I try my best and I believe that both my grammar and the layout of the blog as well as the content has improved much during the 10 months or so that I’ve been active.

        But I still do many mistakes. I don’t have those correcting readers that the papers have, you know. And I would kill to have the vocabulary and floating language of the best sports journalists in the business. But then again I would probably not be writing this cheap blog 😆

    • Mate–there’s a lot of queens near where I live in Sydders Oz and their use of the english can be quite flambuoyant and creative–just like Paddy’s–but it’s always pretty interesting–so if ya can’t cope with a bit of unorthodoxy and only want a whinge–i suggest ya leave with a flea in yer ear!!

      • 😆
        I really appreciated that, el lobo loco. And I have noticed an increase of readers from Australia to my humble blog. Because of that I will sit in my sofa, drinking my beer, hoping for an Oz win against Germany and Ghana and perhaps even Serbia in the World Cup.

  3. Why can’t we just loan him out!?
    Andy is a great striker 😦
    I don’t want him to leave

  4. While I would be happy to see him stay and fight for a place I would have thought that he will want to be playing and that will eventually help to make up his mind and look elsewhere.
    He would be a vey good signing for a championship club and would be a bargain at anything under a million pounds….

  5. Shouldn’t be too bothered by the second piece of evidence, our 606 has more rumour mongerers than it’s got articles.

    I’d be happy to see us sign Keogh. He’s got some experience at Championship level, and I think his poaching style would fit in well with the system Mark Robins is developing.

    Having said that, Andy is just one of many strikers I’ve seen us linked to, so don’t read too much into this.

  6. I too would not like to see Keogh go. It’s already been mentioned before (a few times), but I reckon Andy would make a decent “play in the hole” link type midfielder. He is full of running and he can pass intelligently. Andy is unfortunate that we didn’t score many goals last season and that he didn’t score many either, add to that the fact he was injured and didn’t play much after he came back. A striker is judged mainly by goals really in this league and Andy doesn’t score enough to be called a striker it seems, that I can’t deny. You can’t fault his endevour and he’s still young, so if he went I think we could regret it in the long term (I did say could before anyone dives in on that one). He’s also versatile as has already been mentioned and can play midfield, wing and striker.

    He made a mistake near the death at the Emirates fair enough, giving the ball away (attempted 30 yd chip) instead of going into the corner with it. The 25 player rule is going to see us have to ship out some players we would rather keep, there’s no doubt about that. As much as I (and others) don’t like it, I believe Andy will probably move on due to limited first team chances. If he does I won’t really blame him but he will be a big miss for me, but that’s football I suppose.
    Up The Wolves.

    • I really like Keogh myself as I have pointed out on a number of occasions. He will be a class player in the PL some day. He was, as you said, very good in the opening of the season, but then got injured.

      I have a friend that points out to everybody that wants to hear that McCarthy is pushing players out on the pitch again too early after injury, making them lose confidence as they can not perform their best. The same happened to Ebanks-Blake and Edwards and Kightly, he says. It really looks like a pattern there, so maybe he is on to something.

      The pressure is very hard on them to perform as fast as possible after injury – despite loss of power, speed and maybe even feel for the game. So maybe McCarthy is to blame to some degree and we could have had a more successful Keogh last season if management had played their card right and waited a little longer. But the pressure is of course even harder on management for the team to perform and gather points. But everybody has probably learned that to the upcoming season. 😆

  7. You’ve started a trend here, Paddy. Although you and the media have picked up on Andy Keogh and Andrew Surman, in the same context Mick McCarthy also mentioned George Elokobi, Stephen Ward and Richard Stearman. You can fill the space till the World Cup starts with a rumour a day!

    • Aah. You have revealed my most secret and dodgy intentions Nippy Lobo, haha. Hopefully there will be at least one signing and/or transfer away to write about before the World Cup. but that should have to happen today or tomorrow.

  8. Keogh seemed to offer loads more than ebanks blake to me last season (mostly before his injury he and doyle were linking well together and he can create goals). I therefore reckon we’d be better off shipping EBB instead of Keogh. Keogh is better in the premiership than the championship because it is a more skilful league wheras the predictable brute force of EBB is more suited to the championship I reckon-we could get a fair bit of cash for him too. And I also think elokobi is a good bet for the future, just needs to smooth out the rough edges to his game and he’ll do great – i hope neither him nor keogh go. Surman however seemed a pretty pointless buy, he was never going to get a game so fell a bit sorry for him but its time for him to go now.

  9. SEB is not an established striker (In the premier league) I would rather have Keogh start instead of SEB.

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