Adlène’s Algeria can take the group lead

After the draw between England and USA yesterday Algeria have a chance to take the lead in the group by beating Slovenia.

Media are trying to bring as much attention as possible to the game by writing that there is ‘tension’ in the Slovenian squad and that the former captain of the Algerian team pondered of leaving the squad when he was replaced in the starting eleven.

But these are the probable third and fourth teams of the group. Slovenia are ranked 25th in the world and Algeria 30th. So the outcome should be a draw or that Slovenia wins, but I’m not so sure.

Algeria – with the only African manager in the World Cup – are a very experienced team with a very experienced manager. And  it takes strength and skill to get through to the World Cup finals from the Africa group. Algeria – as a north African team -are more organised than most African teams and that should fare them well. Threfore I can see them win this match.

Adlène Guédioura – the talented midfielder from Wolves – is living his dream already by being picked in the squad for South Africa. It is his first adventure with the national team and he has been played as a substitute out of position – as a right back – in the pre-matches.

Guédioura said to the Guardian about a week ago:

We need to prepare for the first match first, but then afterwards against England, yes, it will be special because I play in England and I know every player in the England team. It will be difficult for us, but we must prepare ourselves well because it is a difficult game. We have a lot of good players in the Algeria team and in the World Cup you have a big, big motivation. It’s a special occasion. You don’t know in football. I hope we can do very well against England and every other team, especially in the first game.

Adlène’s chances to start against Slovenia are very slim, though. If he is lucky he will come on from the bench to strengthen Algeria going forward late on in the game if it is needed. Let’s hope so and good luck to Adlène and Algeria!


~ by paddytheflea on June 12, 2010.

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