Marcus Hahnemann on the bench against England

It’s the former colony against England tonight in the World Cup with a contender from Wolves involved, but passively so.

Marcus Hahnemann – the current No 1 keeper of Wolves – is in the USA team that will face England in the teams first match in the Cup. But there is no chance that Marcus will be between the uprights, I’m afraid. Tim Howard from Everton is Americas first keeper for sure. Experts say that he is one of the best goalies in the tournament and better than anything England can throw in the goal (my guess is that they will throw in James).

But Hahnemann showed that he is a very good goalie when he played one half against Australia a week ago (see HERE). There and then he became their second keeper. I’ll bet he is better than all the England keepers aswell, but he will have to sit it out on the bench.

With Slovenia and Algeria also in the group I’m pretty sure that USA and England will go through here. USA made it to the final in the Confederation Cup in South Africa last year and they did beat Spain, the reigning champions of the world, at the time. I saw them play on the telly and they ran very fast and were very effective in contra attack. Beware, England!

Hahnemann is cocky about the outcome, like Americans often are (from WOW):

As I say though, two teams are going to qualify so you guys don’t have to worry. When we beat England in the first game you don’t have to worry – you can just win your last two!”

But can USA really win against England? Yes! In my opinion they have the team to do it.  And, contrary to England, they can play relaxed as nothing but a defeat are expected of them. My prediction is that USA will take at least a point from England. Watch out for their fast contra attacks.


~ by paddytheflea on June 12, 2010.

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