French site claims Steven Mouyokolo will sign for Wolves

The French site ‘Espoirs du football’ yesterday wrote that the Hull City defender Steven Mouyokolo will sign for Wolves.

Mouyokolo – born in France with his family roots in Kongo Brazzaville – did very well in Hull last season. He signed for them already in January, but played for his club Boulogne for the rest of the season, helping them to ligue one.

Steven played twenty games for City last year and the undisclosed fee for him is reported to have been £3 million. The asking price for him today is £3.5 million. It is reported that Hull are trying to sign him on a new contract, maybe because he has a buy-out clause or just to generally up the fee for him. Stoke are also said to be interested in him. Before he went to Hull big teams like Arsenal and Tottenham were interested in signing him.

Steven Mouyokolo is the son of a doctor and a football fanatic. He loves the game and says that a defender must love to defend as much as a striker loves to score. He is 23 years old, 190 centimeters long and weighs 86 kilos. He scored once last season after a corner when Hull drew against Chelsea. He is reported to be hard and tough and just the right type for a Premier League defender. The kind that McCarthy was and loves.

Wolves badly need a central defender and Steven Mouyokolo could be the right man, in my opinion. I say go for him (or maybe we already have him). 😆


~ by paddytheflea on June 16, 2010.

2 Responses to “French site claims Steven Mouyokolo will sign for Wolves”

  1. There seems to have been a lot of people interested in him, and at 190 centimetres long, perhaps it’s not just football clubs.

  2. Once again MM seems to make a smart move, if it’s true.
    As buying players climatised premier league seems like a fail-safe strategy.

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