Jez Moxey: We Are Still Working On One Or Two Others

Jez Moxey did an interview with Wolves World when presenting the new right-sided central defender Steven Mouyokolo. Here’s some of the things that he said transcribed:

I think that everyone’s knows there is a rumour about Steven Hunt also from Hull. We’re looking at one or two other players. I think we certainly will sign one more, maybe two. But also I think we will see one or two players going out in a not to distant future aswell, because we got to get that balance right, we actually got to now stay within the 25 squad rule.”

We gonna have to be even more selective in who we recruit and sign to a long term contract. I have to say I’m thrilled that we once again kind of got ahead of the game, I think. Our plan is always to try and get our players signed, sealed and delivered before we start pre-season training so they can have a full pre-season with the management team and the other players. We got this far this early – I think its really, really a coup for us actually. So I’m very pleased.

Like Jez Moxey I must say I’m very pleased myself so far. Management shows great initiative and brings in what seem to be quality players in the right positions. And one or two players more sounds like a good measurement of what Wolves need to stay in the Premier League in a fairly good position the upcoming season.

So onwards and upwards!



~ by paddytheflea on June 19, 2010.

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