Ricki Herbert: We Are Going Through The Wringer Too

Former Wolves defender Ricki Herbert – now New Zealand coach  and the leveller of giants in the World Cup – will try to make his team shake the world once more this afternoon.

After draws against Slovakia and Champions Italy it’s time for the unbeaten All Whites to take on Paraguay, the current leader of the group. I wouldn’t be too surprised if they play another draw or even manages to win the match.

There sure is no lack of fighting spirit in the New Zealand team and they got a lot of quality in there aswell.

Sportinglife has interviewed the best coach in the World Cup when it comes to measuring results to expectations:

We are going to go through the wringer too. I can only say the heart will be on the sleeve and the performance will be as much as we can possibly give. If it is good enough to take us through – fantastic. If not then we will still be proud. The players are relaxed but confident.

I wouldn’t say we have become more ambitious but what the match does is present us with an opportunity. It will be tough but all our games have been tough so far and we have managed to get something from them.

A draw could take them to the next round, but it’s not very probable. Italy will almost certainly win against Slovakia – they always gets better as the tournaments goes on – so they have to win. But with former Wolves man Ricki at the rudder everything seem to be possible.

Go for a win and you will probably earn a sainthood down in Kiwi-land, Ricki! 😆



~ by paddytheflea on June 24, 2010.

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