Marcus Hahnemann is the best goalkeeper in the world!

When browsing for news and stats about the World Cup I found myself looking at Castrol’s rankings of the best football players in the world.

My eyes moved from the familiar top names of Messi, Ronaldo, Drogba and Rooney down the page and on 18th place in the ranks I was very surprised to find Marcus Hahnemann of Wolves. With 801 points from the Castrol ranking system he is ranked above all other keepers in the world (tables HERE)

When looking at only the goalkeepers (tables HERE) I found that Van Der Sar is ranked second and Reina third. Obviously very good goalies, but not as good as our number one! The best English keeper is Hart of Birmingham on 10th place among the goalies and ranked 69th among all players in the world.

In the Castrol rankings it’s also possible to look at the other Wolves players and their rankings. The hopes of finally having found a statistical analysis that understands the greatness of the Wolves players were alas smashed to pieces when I realised that the best ranked player after Hahnemann was doyle at 460th place, followed by Jarvis on 577th (tables HERE).

I’ve got no idea how the statisticians make these rankings, what measurements they are using etcetera, but as they are the official World Cup statistics tool providers i reckon they have some credits and skills.

So stand tall Marcus Hahnemann and rest easy fellow Wolves supporters. Next season we will have the best goalkeeper in the world between the uprights!



~ by paddytheflea on June 30, 2010.

10 Responses to “Marcus Hahnemann is the best goalkeeper in the world!”

  1. That list also has Berbatov at 47 and Frank Lampard as the world’s best midfielder. Sorry, I just can’t Take it seriously!

    • Lampard did well compared with the others in England. I rate him highly, Tom.

  2. Great news Paddy! Here are the Castrol ranking explained:

    Great blog by the way mate!


  3. Paddy, I don’t want to belittle Marcus Hahnemann’s undoubted skills, but I think the Castrol rankings are only for the British, French, German, Italian, and Spanish leagues. That’s still pretty impressive, but there may be world-class players in the Netherlands, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, and one or two other countries too.
    Don’t be too depressed about Doyle’s position: he comes out 19th best forward in the Premier League.
    Craddick comes out as the 57th best defender, but above O’Shea and Olsson, and Zubar is 61st (not too bad considering his limited number of appearances).

    • Those leagues are the undisputed best in the world, Nippy Lobo, and there are only a very few great players not playing in them.

  4. I saw this a while ago and laughed.
    I really couldn’t believe it, but now that you look at it, Hahnneman never really lost by more than 2 goals. He also did well with the US. He made it to South Africa, and honestly, he’s a great GK.
    Congrats to Marcus and Wolves!

  5. Impressive when you look at his ‘Match History’ at the castrol rankings site:

    ranked 2153 place against brum in November (first game?) 73rd in March, 18th in may.

  6. If it was based on top blokes, it’d be clear why he was Number 1. Really nice bloke and couldn’t do enough for my young lad. Top bloke, so glad he’s a wolf!

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